Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 14: A Non-Fiction Book & The Birth Plan

Greetings Humble Readers!

Today's assignment is a non-fiction book... and all the non-fiction I have been reading lately has been baby or birth related, and this has been my favourite:

Not to be confused with Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake, The Best Birth by Sarah McMoyler offers what I thought was the most balanced view of what birth can and should be.  McMoyler states at the outset that her goal is a healthy baby and a healthy mom, and doing what is needed to get there is what needs to happen.  Her viewpoint focusses on natural childbirth, and that if you need to avail yourself of pain meds or more in depth interventions IT IS NOT A FAILURE.  Every woman has a different tolerance for pain, every birth experience is different, so it is not for someone outside of your experience to tell you what is right or wrong for you.  She offers a lot of great coping techniques and there are great sections for dads-to-be too.  Honestly, the only thing I have against this book is her opinion of doulas.  She is very anti-doula. 

I thought it would be fitting today to tell you all about my birth plan.  It may seem moot to have written one, considering that I know, at the minimum, I'm going to be induced, but I wanted to have a few specifics written down.  This is the birth plan that I shared with Dr. U this morning at my appointment (of which he was very supportive):

Our ultimate goal is a healthy baby and a healthy mom, and we are willing to do whatever we need to do to achieve that.

We are aware that being induced requires a certain amount of medical intervention (IVs, meds, monitoring, etc), and that a caesarean section is a distinct possibility. With that in mind, there are a few things we would really like, if at all possible.

• Mrs. Gamgee’s mom S is the only family, other than Beloved of course, that will be at the hospital during the delivery.
• We know that an epidural will be necessary (in order to be prepared for a possible c-section), but Mrs. Gamgee would like to remain mobile for as long as possible.
• Mrs. Gamgee would like to avoid having an episiotomy. A small tear is preferable, should the situation arise.
• A vaginal birth is preferred, although we understand that a c-section may become necessary. If this happens, Beloved is to go with the baby after delivery. (This is also true if the baby needs to go to the Special Care Nursery or leave our room for any reason.)
• We would like to have skin to skin contact with the baby as soon as possible. If Mrs. Gamgee has a c-section, we would like for Beloved to have skin to skin contact with the baby while Mrs. Gamgee is in recovery.
• Breastfeeding is very important for us. We would like to start trying as early as possible. An early visit from a lactation consultant would be greatly appreciated.
• We are not inviting friends and family to visit during the first 24 hours after delivery. We want to have that time to focus on our new family member.

Other highlights from today's appointment & NST:  Blood pressure is holding steady... 126/75.  Blood sugars are looking good and I no longer have to increase my insulin, just maintain where I'm at and work to keep tabs on my lows.  Weight is bang on my pre-pregnancy weight.  Results of my u/s last week... Halfling is 'growing beautifully' according to Dr. U.  He/she is sitting between the 75th & 90th percentile.  No giant babies here!  And... we have a date for D-day!  November 25th. 

At my next Dr. U appointment (in 2 weeks, he's on vacation next week so I have to go see Dr. B... Ugh!), we are going to discuss stripping my membranes.  I'm a bit unsure about that (have heard some horror stories), but I do like the idea of my body starting labour more on it's own rather than having to be induced.  Any thoughts ladies? 


  1. That's actually one book that I have NOT read! Anti-doula, huh? That's interesting. Now I am curious her reason behind that!

    Yikes! I don't know if having a D-date would make me feel more or less anxious. Honestly, I don't think it matters, lol.

  2. Why is she anti-doula? Huh. I really like your birth's dead on the type of plan we have. I have more of a checklist so far, but will have one more written like yours soon. actual date...eek!

  3. You'll have a baby this month - isn't that crazy??

    My son has been in the 75th and 90th percentile - are we guessing your baby's weight?

  4. I love your birth plan! I really like how you are open to a possible c-section, but also would like to avoid it if necessary.

    I had my membranes stripped and it wasn't bad at all. It wasn't comfortable but I didn't have any ill effects from it and I did go into labor soon after.

  5. perfect birth plan, pretty much how my first's was written...i did not have to be induced for him, my water broke the day before! i was fortunate and avoided induction, epidural and c-section. with my 2nd i was induced and had an epidural (a botched epidural mind you - i still felt everything) because of my blood pressure. both times i was open to having anything that was medically necessary to ensure a safe arrival and that made all the difference in my attitude!

    the count down is really on now, you are going to meet your very own lo in just a few short weeks! get in as many naps as you can and do not feel one ounce of guilt about it, you have a BIG job of growing him/her and delivering him/her very soon!!!


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