Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Craft Show: An Exercise in Fun & Sadness

Greetings Humble Readers!
I hope that you're all having a great weekend! 

Mine has been good so far... we had a great time at the craft show and got a few really cool things.  The place was insanely busy, as I expected.  We also spent more money that I had anticipated... but that happens at these things. 

We found Christmas gifts for the parental units (unique framed prints of the word "family").  I got some chocolate covered dried strawberries (for my stocking, Beloved has hidden them away for me).  We got a couple of very cute hats for the Halfling, and this hilarious onesie...

I saw a lot of things I loved, but just don't have the cash for right now.  You all know my addiction to journals and notebooks, right?  There was an artisan who made embossed leather, hand sewn journals.  The books were amazing!  I would actually be afraid to write in one of them tho, for fear of ruining such a beautiful book.

We had a really funny moment... I was standing at a gourmet bakery table, trying to decide which breads I wanted to buy (ended up with foccacia, german rye, and cheesy garlic bread) when Dr. U came up to say hello.  I felt so guilty, lol, being caught buying carbs!  (All the yummy bread is in the freezer now for when this wretched GD goes away.)

We also had a sad moment.  There is a local company that makes slings that I have heard really good things about.  I was in contact with the owner about a month ago, asking about plus sizes, and we sent a few emails back and forth.  She told me she was pregnant, expecting her third, but that she was struggling and may end up on bed rest.  I had told her our history, and told her that I would be praying and hoping all would be well.  When we got to the Bab.yro.o booth today, she was there.  I introduced myself, and she teared up.  She told me that she had just lost her little Sophia two weeks ago.  She shared a sketch that she had drawn of her daughter.  It was beautiful and so sad.  I'm very sorry to say that there is yet another new member of this awful club.  She was really struggling to hold it together and sell her products.  I did end up getting my sling, but mostly I just spent my few minutes with her, listening. 

There were so many incredibly talented artisans there.  And soooo much dangerous food to sample.  I'm proud to say that my blood sugars have been in line all day.  I even managed to stay away from the samples of english pudding with butter rum sauce. 

The only challenge of the day came after we had lunch.  My right hip didn't like how I had been sitting while we ate, and I ended up limping along for the last hour or so.  But I still had a blast.  And then we came home and I took a long nap.  :)

Tomorrow is another busy day.  We're heading to my MIL's after church... the dresser and change table are painted and we are going to pick one of them up and get it home.  And then there's a football game to watch... those Roughriders had better win tomorrow.  They've lost the last three in a row.


  1. Great hats and love that onsie! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

    I'll be saying a prayer for Sophia and her mom. That's so sad. That was very sweet of you to spend some time with her. I bet she is eternally grateful for that.

  2. Sorry for my lack of comments lately, just low energy and absolute fatigue is all I can blame! Just want you to know you still mean a lot to me.
    I had to laugh at you feeling guilty for buying carbs. Ugh, GD is sooo awful.
    I'm soo sorry about the lady who lost her darling Sophia, how awful.
    Thinking of you :)

  3. Such cute purchases! Your due date is soooo close! EEEEK!!!! I can't wait to find out what the little halfling is!

  4. I'm sure she appreciated you being there for her!!! Hugs!


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