Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

Good evening Humble Readers...

There really is a storm on it's way in tonight.  The weather network is saying that this is the end of summer weather for us... at least for now.

But there's also a storm going on inside me.  I don't want to keep whining about this, but today has brought new GD challenges, and I need to vent.  Please feel free to slap me out of my pouty pity party.

I went to the Diabetes Education clinic today to learn about how to administer the insulin.  The time I spent with the nurse was good, and I left feeling confident of my abilities to manage the needles and all. 

Then came lunch time.  I was running late to get to work after the appointment at the DEC, so I stopped at a chinese restaurant and got some chop suey for lunch.  I waited to eat until I got to the store so that I could do my first shot. 

The shot itself went well.  I forgot to count to ten before taking the needle out, but other than that, it didn't hurt and I think I did okay. 

But then, less than two hours later, I was feeling awful.  Weepy, tired, hungry, shakey, and very very irritable.  I checked my blood sugar and it was 6.7... right where it should be.  But it felt like I really needed to eat a full meal.  I had a bit of orange juice and some nuts, and felt better for a while.  But as soon as I started getting hungry again, I turned into the she-biotch from hell. 

I have a follow-up with the nurse at the DEC tomorrow (over the phone), so I'm hoping she can make some recommendations to help.  I just feel like a physical and emotional wreck. 

Who knows, maybe it's just pregnancy hormones on top of the stress of dealing with all these changes.  Maybe I'm just as psycho-biotch from hell, and never noticed. 

In other 'stormy' news... the crib never arrived yesterday.  I don't know what's going on.  I scheduled the delivery with UPS.  Grrr...

Oh, and remember how our oven died a couple of weeks ago?  Well, the repair guy came, and found that it was some sort of sensor in the back, kind of like a fuse.  He tweaked it, and it's working now, but there is no indication of when it could crap out again.  With my luck, it will be in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  The super great news is that the part we need  is something that no one has in stock, and no one manufactures any more.  

Fantastic day, huh?


  1. That sucks you felt so crappy after your first shot and such. I think that they probably have to tweak your amount a bit and you have to get used to the eating and such before things will calm down. I hope it happens soonl

  2. Ugh, you need a do-over! Seriously. I am so sorry you had a crap day. Hopefully the nurse can shed some light on the GD issues...perhaps your body adjusting to the correct levels of insulin?

  3. hope today goes better for you. I want the soup recipes you mentioned over in the comments on my blog. Please! I LOVE soup! Especially ones that freeze well.

  4. so sorry about the GD. hope it gets better. and hope you get your crib soon!

    happy iclw!

  5. sorry about the craptastic day :(


  6. Here's a little something that might brighten your day. Hope it's getting better. ((hugs))

  7. Ugh, sorry for the bad day. I hope tomorrow is better.

  8. OH no, what a yukky day. I agree that they may need to adjust your dose of insulin from the sounds of things. The orange juice and nuts was a good idea, also not sure if you like it but cottage cheese is an awesome source of protein. I know that doesn't fix the other problem, I'm just trying to suggest SOMEthing that will help!!
    Anyway, hoping things start looking up soon.


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