Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Ultrasound, The Nursery, and A Cake

Good Morning Humble Readers!

The ultrasound was a tad bit anti-climactic.  When we got to the medical imaging clinic, it was pretty busy, so I expected to be waiting awhile.  Oddly enough, I got called in right away.  Like the last time I was at this particular clinic, they made my Beloved wait in the waiting room for the first part of the scan. 

When I got into the room, I immediately told the tech that we did not want to know the gender of the baby.  She told me that she would take all her pictures, then show them to the doctor on site.  Then my Beloved would be called in and we would get to see our Halfling. 

I spent the next 20 minutes or so staring at the ceiling and trying not to think about my ever shrinking bladder.  The tech didn't say anything during that 20 minutes, so I was starting to get just a tad concerned.  Then she handed me a strip of three pictures of the Halfling and said that she would go talk to the doc and then bring in my Beloved.  I couldn't see much in the pics she gave me because it was so dim in the room,  She was gone for almost 10 minutes, so I really started to get worried. 

But when she came back in with my Beloved, and started scanning again she immediately said that all that she could see looked great, and that our little Halfling had been playing shy.  Talk about a sigh of relief.  She turned the screen toward us and we got to watch the baby twist around and wave at us.  Halfling gave us some great views of his/her spine and hiney, but kept turning away from the u/s.  We finally got a quick view of the head, then the arms and legs flailing about.  And that was about it. 

Like I said, anticlimactic. 

When we got out of the room, we were able to get a better look at the pics she gave us, and honestly I have to say...

they are the CREEPIEST ultrasound pictures ever!  No cute profile for our Halfling!  No way!  :)  Take a look for yourself...

The first is of Halfling's face... nice skeletal look huh?  Maybe we should have called the baby a Wraith instead.  The second shot is of his/her spine.  Crazy!

It was great to see the baby, to know that all is well.  When we left, on our way out my Beloved looked at me and said, "We made a real person!".  It was really cute.  I think it's starting to become a bit more real for him. 

After the u/s, we stopped at the paint store to pick up some paint chips to help us decide on the perfect shade for the nursery.  Tell me what you think...

I'm trying to decide between the top three colours.  I want a soft grey.  Trim and furniture will be white, and the accent colour is going to be a bright apple green (curtains, bedding, etc).  

In other news... You remember that recipe that I mentioned yesterday, the one from Kristin at Dragondreamer's Lair?  The one for a Blow the Diet cake...  Yeah, well, it's frickin' outstanding!  I wimped out and used a chocolate cake mix (my scratch cakes never ever turn out), and the next time I make it I will double the peanut butter filling.  I don't pretend to know how to ice a cake properly, so it turned out looking a tad sloppy, but it tasted sooooooo good!  It's calling my name right now, but I am successfully resisting. 


  1. Good news on the ultrasound, glad no one slipped up about the sex of the baby. Anti-climatic is good. I'd go for the grey all the way to the left.

  2. I vote for the middle color.

  3. we made jokes about our 'day of the dead' baby at our 19 week u/s. Funny. Glad all is well.

  4. Okay, wraith might be more appropriate, but your own little halfling nonetheless. Beautiful baby :)

  5. Glad that Halfling is doing so good.

    I love the first card, the one that is left-most(top-one), it would go wonderfully with the spray of green!

    Good Luck!

  6. I'm glad you posted details of your u/s, because it sounds like the protocol at your imaging center will be the same as mine. My husband won't be allowed in until later, which really bothers him. I told him that we'll still see the baby and find out the gender together. They also said that the techs won't talk to me during the first part of the scan which I know will be so nerve wracking. I'm glad to hear how it went for you!

  7. I like the color on the left.

    Great news on the ultrasound.

    And, I agree 100% on the cake!

  8. Luckily at my doctor's office there's a special monitor just for the mom/dad to watch the whole u/s. Otherwise I'd go crazy!!! All babies look like wraiths head on during ultrasounds...that's just how it goes. hehe

  9. every monitor has different colors, but I would pick the one on the left. It looks the lightest to me and looks like it would go well with the green.
    glad the ultrasound was anticlimatic!

  10. Yay for a beautiful halfling/wraith!! Im glad things are going so well Mrs. G!!

    And I vote for the lightest grey color as well..so the one on the far left?

  11. Yay for a great ultrasound!

    I also like the colour on the far left - that has my vote!

    As for this cake - I need pictures! I'm drooling here!

    (Hopefully this comment will come through, it's my second attempt - apologies if you get two!)

  12. Yay for a great ultrasound!

    ANd I vote the lightest gray... it think the others might get overwhelmingly dark if the were everywhere...

  13. I love ultrasound pics! I think the Halfling looks great! But if it's a creepy ultrasound pic you're after, how's this?:


    This is my niece. She's about a month old now, and I promise she's adorable, but she gave us a bit of a scare there for a bit =)

  14. So relieved the ultrasound went well!! Don't worry about the 'creepy pics'. We got a weird one too. DD's lips looked so large and out of proportion we thought something was wrong with her. Everything turned out though!!
    Wow that cake sounds amazing! I rarely make scratch cakes either :)BTW you know your post with the Annie title? Well I haven't been able to get "Tomorrow" out of my head since then...LOL!!
    Take care xx

  15. Mrs. G - glad that your u/s went well, and even a Wraith needs love from time to time :)

    Finger's getting better - not wearing a splint and typing with it. It's still quite swollen, though.

    And I vote for the left grey (pinky side). Lovely lighter shade to go with the green! :)

  16. Awesome news on your u/s even though it was 'anti-climactic'. The 'skeletor' face is super cute! Those always look freaky to me, but I still love them. And I pick the color in the middle.

    And love what your DH said about making a real person. Super sweet.


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