Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen... He Is Risen Indeed!

Blessed Easter to you all, Humble Readers...

We have had a beautiful Easter Sunday here on the flatland.  Beautiful sunny day, nice church service, a glorious nap this afternoon... and even a slightly ruined dinner couldn't put a real damper on the day. 

That's right kids... dinner didn't go so well.  The lamb was undercooked (that's saying a lot as I'm a rare meat kinda gal), the oven roasted beans ended up crispy because I was fussing with the lamb, and the gravy didn't want to become gravy.  The only thing that was really good was the potatoes.  Ah well... I'll blame it on solar flares.  (My mini meltdown while I was carving the lamb, I blame on the progesterone)

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with familiy and friends!

As an aside... m/s kicked my a$$ yesterday.  Seriously!  I thought I was going to die.  Today it hasn't been as bad.  Only handling the raw lamb made me really pukey. 

Things I have learned about m/s this week:
  • I can no longer watch some of my favourite tv shows... CSI, Bones, Mythbusters.  Anything with grodie blood and guts is off limits right now
  • Greasy food is bad
  • Romaine lettuce and other dark green leafy veggies are also very very bad
  • The jar of minced garlic in the fridge... not my friend
  • Throwing up can actually make your whole body hurt, not just your stomach
  • Flat ginger ale is my friend.
Does anyone know... is it okay to take ginger pills (from the healthfood store) during pregnancy?  I take them for motion sickness, and I'm thinking I might be stocking up.  I'd rather not go the dic.lectin route if I don't have to.  I'm tired enough as it is. 

I don't know why, but my Halfling tracker is three days ahead of where I am.  I've gone through and checked my EDD and reformatted the tracker, but it still comes out a few days ahead.  Hmmm...


  1. Happy Easter!! Too bad that your dinner didn't turn out. :( Doesn't sound like it wrecked your day too much though. Hope you are feeling better soon, but at least it is a good symptom!

  2. Sorry about the dinner issues.

    My favorite progesterone poisoning (I think that term is much more appropriate than morning sickness) treatment was peppermints. Starlight peppermints were my friend and were the only things that kept my morning sickness at bay.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Awww, sorry your dinner didn't turn out.

    Though I was never a big vomiter, I did feel nauseated at times. Like Kristin, peppermints helped a great deal.

    Happy Easter! And 6 weeks, yay! :)

  4. I found some ginger lozenges (sp?) at a local health food store. They worked wonders since sometimes my stomach couldn't even handle flat ginger ale. I would check to see what types of 'fillers' (if any) are in the tablet form (and run it by your doc if you're so inclined) before going that route.

    Hope you're having a better day!

  5. I took ginger pills during pregnancy, my midwife recommended them. I also used Preggie Pops.And somehow water with lemon in it helped settle my stomach. Another friend swears by chugging Sunnie D before getting out of bed.

  6. Hard sour candies worked for me for awhile!

  7. gravol is safe during pg, it was my friend for the first bout of MS during this pg. With DS NOTHING worked...not even dic.lectin - took 3 a day for the whole pg and still managed to visit the porcelain 2-3 times a week! Usually they only give dic.lectin if you have severe issues i.e. lose weight from not being able to keep food down.

    Try anti nausea bands, some women swear by them. check with Dr tho' about the ginger, but ginger tea is good too.

  8. My SIL used ginger candies and peppermint tea and someone told her to eat more protein. Good luck!

    I'm glad you were able to appreciate dinner even though it wasn't perfect. : ) Happy Easter a couple days late.

  9. Happy belated Easter! Even though late, still rejoicing! :)

    Sorry about dinner! But glad you were still able to enjoy it and the potatoes turned out great!

    As for m/s... I did hear to eat a cracker and drink ginger ale before getting out of bed. There's preggie pops and Ginger Tea! I had a lot of protein from early on b/c I was told that it would help me not develop OHSS, so maybe FlyingMonkeys has a point, b/c I didn't get m/s as bad. I'd actually get nauseous if I didn't eat, so I always kept "snacks" w/ me.

    But it's a good "sign"! Hope it doesn't kick your butt too much.

  10. Ginger is fine. I actually took a combination pill of Ginger and B6 when I was violently ill with m/s and it's supposed to work miracles!


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