Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breathing Easier ... But Frustrated

Good Afternoon Humble Readers...

Okay... everyone take a deep breath in.  Out. 

All is well, I just have a really dopey GP.  Apparently, he misread the information my OB sent over about the prometrium he prescribed.  DocB thought I didn't have the meds yet.  Oy! 

Then he started going on about how my beta numbers were 'rather low'.  I interupted him, and said that for 18dpo (thank you Elana for pointing out my miscalculation) 269 was right in the normal range, he clarified... low as in comparison to where they will be in two weeks.  Argh!  You don't tell a woman who has been at this as long as I have, and has been through two early miscarraiges that the numbers are low when they really aren't!  Double oy! 

The one good thing that came out of the appointment... I have paperwork for weekly bloodwork between now and my ultrasound (April 20).  I did have to get a little emotional, and practically beg for the bloodwork, but I got it, and went for another draw this afternoon.  I'll get the results on Thursday morning. 

I'm feeling much more relaxed, and I so greatly appreciate all your support.  You guys are such a huge help...


  1. At least he was on top of it when he thought you didn't have meds yet.
    Positive vibes on your bw!

    An appleseed...so tiny. : )

  2. Double oy indeed- but glad everything is OK!

  3. Grow baby, grow!

    I'm glad you got your paperwork. I think some doctors "get it" and some don't. Good for you for pressing until you got what you needed.

  4. Glad all the miscommunication was cleared up, and good for you for insisting that you get what you need. Prayers for your sticky bean!

  5. So exciting!! where have I been? but none the less.....so very very happy for you! and praying that your next draw is perfect!

  6. fingers crossed for big huge jumps in those betas! Or at least a steady increase over the weeks!! Your little appleseed is going to grow into a watermelon like I've got going on right now!!!

  7. So glad you got the okay for weekly betas! Hope that number keeps on the up and up for you!


  8. Oy! and Double Oy!--That is for sure! Wow---I'm glad your doctor clarified---that had to make your heart jump. Keep on trucking sister---its gonna turn out right for you this time!

  9. sending good thoughts out to you.


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