Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo Challenge #2: Variety

Good Evening Humble Readers!

Well, it's Friday... and that means it's time for Lindsay's Friday Photo Challenge! If you don't know about the Photo Challenge, please swing by and Lindsay's place and check it out. Everyone is welcome... the more the merrier!

This week's theme is Variety...

Now, looking around my home, and really around my life, there is one particular area where there is a ton of variety.

Books! The things you can experience, the places you can travel to, the people you can meet...

So many things to learn about...

And so many things to dream about...
Now, if you don't have a pic for this week's challenge, next week's theme is Celebration. Start thinking about what might embody celebration for you.
We have a house guest for the next two weeks. He arrived tonight with almost as much stuff as a baby would (and almost as many instructions :) ), and his mom & dad are on their way to Mexico. He's a goofy little thing, with a serious addiction to peanut butter and baby carrots. It will be fun to have a fur-baby for a couple weeks. Be prepared for some pug-tastic pictures!


  1. Love your variety. I am scared to document how many books I have.

  2. loves books....I don't have that vast a collection as yours...but yeps...about 20 odd books...yes!

    Love your pic!

  3. I bet you have even more tham what you've shown there! ;) All I'll say about our book colleciton is that we desperately need a new bookshelf.

  4. I love peeking at people's bookshelves! It gives such insight to who they are and how they live...much more so than peeking in their medicine cabinet! LOL

    Have fun with the houseguest! Can't wait to see pics of the antics I'm sure will ensue!

  5. Love the differences you have in the kinds of books you own. I love books too and would have to have a whole page to to document them all, lol.

  6. Nice variety :) I love seeing other people's bookshelves, it's fascinating. It's like getting a secret glimpse into their lives, you can tell so much about people by the types of books they own and read.


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