Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show & Tell: Our Little Houseguest

Good Evening Humble Readers! It's Show & Tell time again, and I have a fun one this week...

As I have mentioned previously, my Beloved and I are currently investigating what it would take to convince our condo board to let us have a dog. As I type this, my Beloved is at a condo board meeting, where he has promised he will bring the subject up if the opportunity arises.

So, in typical Mrs. Gamgee fashion, I have been researching, asking questions, and just generally becoming obsessed with pugs. I have read a couple of different books, visited numerous websites, and picked the brains of many in my life. I have gotten a lot of opinions and had many questions answered.

Finally, it came down to two questions. Would I have allergy problems if I were around a pug? (I have a pretty intense cat allergy, and my family always had low-shed dogs when I was growing up) And, how would a pug do in our environment? (we live in a condo, and I was concerned about noise issues and living space for the dog)

It turns out that one of my staff has a pug. I was picking her brain about a week ago, and she offered to let us have her dog for a day. What an opportunity! So, yesterday afternoon a beautiful boy named Sunny invaded our home and I loved every minute of it.

He snuffed and snorted and grunted his way around, investigating every nook and cranny. He rolled himself over my Beloved's pillow, sniffed at my laptop, and hoovered up a few crumbs from the kitchen floor. He loved staring out the window at the cars, and he made sure to mark every tree in our neighbourhood while we were out for a walk. He was hilarious while he ate, knocking food onto the floor, and then having to balance on his front paws with his ass-end up in the air so that he could get at the kibbles on the floor.

Yes, he sheds but I didn't have much of a reaction a all. Only some puffy eyes this morning when I woke up. Yes, he grunst and snorts... but it was cute. So adorable! The only time he barked was when an obnoxiously loud car went by.

Sunny's owners left us some information they got from the breeder that they bought him from, and it answered a few questions (about genetic illnesses, red flags to watch for, etc) and raised a few others (when to neuter and nail care).

I was sorry to see him go when they came to pick him up, but I am more certain now that a pug is definitely what I want. My Beloved really enjoyed him, too. Especially, watching Sunny dig through his little bag looking for his toys.

So, now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well at the meeting.

Now, don't forget to swing by Mel's place and check out what the rest of the class is showing!


  1. He is adorable! I hope all goes well at the condo meeting. Dogs can fill so much space in our hearts, and bring love and kisses just when they are needed most.

  2. Pugs are so cute! I hope you get to have one, good luck at the meeting.

  3. Good luck. I don't know what I would do without my pets.

  4. What a doll! I so hope the meeting went well and you get to get one of your own!

  5. so adorable! I miss having pets although now we are home I have a black lab that is all to happy to jump all over me and show me love.

    I'm allergic to animal hair but I do find that a good vaccum claner (I use the dyson allergy one) and regular washing of the dog keeps it to an absolute minimum... and of course not letting them on my bed!

    I really hope you get to have a pup.

  6. He is so cute!
    Hope you get you pug, and that you do not develop any allergies.

  7. Good luck at the meeting! Pugs are fun dogs! My BIL has one and we just love her to pieces! She was only naughty once and took all the toilet paper off the roll, but how can you blame her?! One it starts going, you can't stop it! Too fun!

    I hope you guys can get a pug. Sunny is adorable!

  8. my fingers are crossed for you! good luck! I would love to have a pug myself, but I can't justify the cost, it would have to be a rescue dog for me.

  9. How great that you got to "test drive" your friend's dog, and that it went so well.

  10. How nice of your friend to let you have the dog for a day.

    I hope you get to have one for yourself!

  11. Don't forget to check the shelters before you pay a breeder. You'd be shocked by the number of pure-bred dogs who are dumped at animal shelters.

    Good luck!


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