Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night

How are you tonight, humble readers?

I'm feeling much better today. Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts! I really don't know what to make of that stupid cold. It never did amount to much of anything... just enough to make me miserable for a few hours a day. We'll see if it comes back tomorrow.

For those of you who care about the weather on the flatland, let me tell you... it's just gone plain ol' crazy! Earlier today it was abso-smurfly gorgeous! Well above 0 (that would be in Celsius for my friends south of the border), things were melting like mad, giant puddles forming everywhere... Now, outside my window it's snowing like mad! And it's not normal flatland snow... it's like the snow I remember from Seattle. Giant wet sloppy flakes. There's already about 3cm on my balcony. Winter is never ever going to end!

Tonight, my beloved and I went out for a not-so-romantic dinner (A&W in the car, sitting in the parking lot of the movie theater) and a movie. We went and saw 'Duplicity'. It was a really good spy vs. spy movie. I loved the fight scene at the very beginning... so awesome! I won't ruin it for you... but it does get 4.5 out of 5 hairy hobbit toes way up! The only thing that wasn't so fun tonight was getting back into an onion-ring-smelling car after the movie.

A few of you have asked for the recipes from the dinners I mentioned earlier this week. I will post them on the weekend. They are both so simple that I'm embarassed by it... ;)

I went through with it today, and called my OB's office. AF is due tomorrow (temps dropped like a stone this morning as I knew they would), and yes I fibbed. Of course, as it would happen, I was only able to fib to the answering service, and as of 5pm today I had never heard back... Divine retribution? Entirely possible. Hopefully, I will get a call from them bright and early on Monday.

One final thing tonight... for any of you out there who pray... one of my staff is having a rough go. 'Little K' is only 17, and recently she found a lump in her breast. I know that it's unlikely that it will be anything serious, but she's really upset about it (as I know I would be too). The doctors removed the lump earlier this week and are doing some testing, but the poor kid is pretty freaked out. Without going into a ton of details, she has very little support at home and has had to face this pretty much on her own. This girl needs some peace and comfort in her life.

Thanks so much for reading... :)


  1. Glad you're feeling better and had a date night with DH.

    Crossing fingers OB office calls back on Monday.

    Will keep Little K on my prayer list.


  2. I love date-night with DH. Doesn't matter where or when, time with the ones we love is BEST!


  3. Duplicity is on my "must see list" too! Maybe a good way to spend a rainy Sunday?

    Hope you get scheduled for your appointment first thing on Monday!


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