Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, almost three months after what should have been Olivia's first photo-shoot, when we began the month of hell, I finally have a start date for testing.

"April 8th... 12:45pm... diagnostic imaging... show up 15 minutes early... "

So as eager as I am for testing to be underway, I'm nervous. And I'm looking for input. Can I work after the HSG? I'm scheduled for an 8 hour closing shift... is it doable? Or am I being naive?


And in a purely ironic twist of fate (not that I believe in fate)... I just got a phone call from Welcome Wagon, inviting me to their quarterly baby shower. It's this Friday. Gah!


  1. quarterly baby shower? bleh! regarding the HSG, remember to take the 600mg of ibuprofen an hour before....and in regards to working, if I recall, you work in retail? imagine working on the worst day of cramps of your AF....for me that would be doable, for some maybe not. I had some bloody discharge on my first trip to the bathroom *TMI* but otherwise no real bleeding. you might want to have someone on call just in case.

  2. Oh the timing...sorry about the shower date. Hope all goes well with HSG.


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