Monday, February 23, 2009

Listen to your mother...

My mom always says, "Don't pray for patience... the good Lord might just give it to you".

Oh, how I'm feeling those words today. I'm DPO 6, and have at least another week before I can call the OB to book the HSG. This month has felt like a year. I just want to be moving forward! This anxiety is starting to wear on me.


I know that a week goes by fast... I KNOW that! But it seems like it's already been forever.


  1. Treat yourself to little things this week to help pass the time... and in the meantime, hang in there!

    thanks for your comment earlier!


  2. The three cycles I had to wait before we could ttc after our 2nd m/c were SO incredibly long! I feel for you. It will come but the waiting sucks!

  3. Thank you ladies... I just needed to get that out there.


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