Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beware... I'm Cranky!

Today's List of Pet-Peeves
  • Winter! (really... does it have to keep snowing???)
  • The neighbour who always slams his door
  • my bangs
  • the draft in my bedroom
  • the scale
  • when I can't leave a comment on a blog because the word verification doesn't like me
  • Nicole Ritchie (yeah, I'm jealous)
  • knowing when I get to work today, I'm going to be short staffed AGAIN!
  • have I mentioned winter???
Ok... I'm going to try to quit pouting now.


  1. I hear you on the winter bit. Although, with us, its the rain and grey skies. Will they ever end! And, hey, if you can't complain on a blog, where can you?

  2. Vancouver tends to experience spring early you know... ;) And love the new design. Very spiffy!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I grew up on the flatland, but after years of living in the Okanagan, Seattle, San Francisco and Orlando you could say that I'm a bit of a winter wimp! :)

  4. i am with you on the weather and the word verification....what's been up with those?
    i have a bit of a grouch myself, trying to pull myself out of it...looking forward to both of our HSGs :)

  5. i also vote for winter to be over. enough already. i'm tired of being cold...

    hopefully we're blessed with warmer days soon!


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