Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Turkey Day!

Howdy Humble Readers...

Here, north of the 49th parallel, it's Thanksgiving weekend.  While technically, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, most people I know celebrated today with their turkey and all the trimmings.  We are doing ours tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty well prepared. 

Herbert the turkey is thawing in the fridge, the sweet potatoes (aka Sandy's Yams) have been prepared.  The cornbread for my stuffing is made and 'drying out', the veggies and sausage for the stuffing have been sautéed and ready for assembly tomorrow.  My maple pumpkin cheese cake is cooling (sadly, it cracked  pretty seriously, but there will be a pecan maple cream sauce to cover the boo-boos).  The breakfast casserole for brunch tomorrow is prepped and ready to go.  All I have to do tomorrow is the mashed potatoes, vegetables (roasted brussel sprouts and carrots), gravy, and of course cook Herbert.  The other things will reheat in the oven while the turkey is resting.  Yay!

In other news, you know how I've been stressed out about Pip's lack of talking?  Well, yeah, I still am, but man oh man, Ginny is sure making up for his silence.  My wee sweet girl WILL. NOT. STOP. TALKING.  She sings to her food, she talks to her shadow-girl, and holds conversations with all of her toys.  And when she's not doing any of those things, she's talking to me.  She gives me a running commentary on the leaves falling outside and all of Pip's movements.  More than once I've heard some of my words coming out of her mouth, and I cringe.  I swear she's going to be a lawyer or a politician when she grows up. 

On to this week's chit chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading - "The Painted Girls" by Cathie Marie Buchanan.  I am ADORING this book!  My SIL recommended it to me, and it is so good.  It's set in late 19th century Paris.  The main characters are two sisters, one of whom was the model for Edgar Degas' statue "Little Dancer".  It's an interesting look at the culture of the lower classes in Paris (particularly those associated with the Opera), and how they got by day to day.  I'm loving it. 

Watching - Last week's episode of Scandal.  Later I'll watch Once Upon A Time. 

Listening To - My Beloved muttering to himself as he works on his next assignment for his course.

Cooking/Baking - Other than all my efforts for Thanksgiving, it's going to be a pretty tame week cooking-wise.  Nothing new or spectacular.  Hot turkey sandwiches, pork chops, and chili.  Oh, I did learn something cooking related this weekend... and I learned it the hard way.  Butternut squash can do a serious number on your skin.  It's never happened to me before, but after some research I found out that if a squash is picked before it's fully ripe (impossible to know of course, when you buy the squash at the grocery store) the sap/juices act as a defence mechanism for the fruit and it acts like a chemical peel.  My hands looked like I had contracted leprosy for several hours yesterday. 

Happy I Accomplished This Week - Managing to keep the wee-lings fed, clothed, while feeling like I'm getting kicked in the back repeatedly.  I've also managed to get within spitting distance of being 75lb down.  Only a month after my original target. 

Looking Forward To Next Week - Pulling out the Halloween decorations.  Finalizing the wee-lings' costumes. 

Thankful For - Antibiotics the size of horse tranquilizers, that Ginny made it through church this morning (even though Pip didn't), and that we are blessed enough to be able to give to the foodbank rather than need their services. 

***Bonus Question*** What is your favourite part of Thanksgiving food-wise?  Leftovers.  I could eat cold turkey sandwiches (with mayo, salt, and pepper, on those squishy little dinner rolls) every day for a month and not be sick of them.  I also really like my sweet potato recipe... it's got booze in it.  :) 

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  1. I am curious that you celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey like we do in America. I know I could google it, but how did the turkey become Canada's tradition?

  2. Yes, once they start, they never stop! haha!! The book you're reading sounds fabulous!! I'll have to hunt it down, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Your dinner sounds like it will be delish. Have you posted your tam recipe before? If not, I think you should!! :)
    That book about Paris you mentioned is intriguing! I'm still struggling with Under the Dome.
    Lol about Ginny talking. Chatterbox!!! :) lots to be thankful for this year. Xo

  4. LOL!!! Your Ginny sounds like the female version of my son Tyler! He talks and talks and sounds like such a little adult! It's so cute--most of the time. Then there are days like Saturday where the questions and the comments and the talking was just too much!

  5. Just requested that book at the library! I also love Thanksgiving, and all the leftovers, yum yum yum! My mom is Slovakian (well, her grandparents came from Slovakia), so for every holiday she also makes stuffed cabbage, with tons of leftovers, too. And yeah, the talking thing - my two talk nonstop, too. Tadpole in particular, if she's not talking, then she's singing about what she's doing in this weird sing-song voice. It's too funny.

  6. Somehow we forgot to cook potatoes on Sunday night - and so we only had sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, dressing, creamed onions, cranberry sauce, peas, buns, raw veggies and of course the turkey. Really, only my mom missed the mashed taters, and so last night I mad some for her.

    I love turkey sandwiches on whole wheat or rye with cranberry sauce. Today I have turkey in my salad instead of chicken.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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