Friday, September 20, 2013

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Glorious Autumn!

Hey Humble Readers...

Have I ever told you all how much I love the fall?  It has always felt like a time of new beginnings, a chance to start over, for setting goals and planning ahead.  I love it.  It has cooled off tremendously in the Shire, and it is much more comfortable in the hobbit-hole.  We have had frost warnings the past few nights, so I'm very thankful that I got my basil and thyme harvested. 

As I write this, the most intoxicating aroma of tomatoes, basil, and garlic is wafting through the hobbit-hole.  A big batch of my oven roasted marinara is gently bubbling away in the slow cooker.  It's so nice to be able to use fresh, local ingredients in this recipe.  The tomatoes come from just a bit down south of us, the onions from a local Hutterite colony, the garlic is from a local grower, and the basil is mine.  Woohoo.  I really should have started making tomato sauce much earlier in the summer, to take advantage of the tomatoes at the farmers market. 

It's happened, Humble Readers.  Pippin has hit the "I can take off my diaper" stage.  Three times yesterday.  Thankfully, I caught him each time just after, so the mess was minimized.  Of course, he thinks it's hilarious.

This situation does reiterate something that I've noticed and mentioned before.  He's hitting milestones about four to six months behind when Ginny did.  I'm really trying hard not to be too concerned about this, and I know I was worried about Ginny's lack of vocabulary, but this seems different.  Pippin is 16 months old and hasn't spoken a word.  He makes noises, but nothing that seems intentional, except occasional car noises when he's playing with his cars.  The family anecdote is that my Beloved didn't speak until he was almost five.  Forty years ago, there wasn't much known about Aspergers and we both recognize now that he is somewhere on that spectrum (his tics, obsessive nature about certain things, his difficulty with some social cues).  When do I stop just being concerned about Pip, and actually start actively seeking intervention?  He has a well-baby check up coming up in a couple of months.  Do I wait until then?  Am I being ridiculous?

I had a pretty major "Yippee!" moment yesterday.  The two plus-size clothing stores here in town both have points cards, and of course I am a member.  One of the perks is getting a special coupon to use in the month of your birthday.  I went shopping last night, and had a couple of truly awesome moments.  First, I needed some new yoga pants.  The ones I wear for walks are capri length and with it getting much cooler over night, it's getting a bit too chilly to wear them.  I also knew that the pair I have now are a bit too big.  So, for kicks, I tried on a pair two sizes smaller AND THEY FIT!  They are an X.  Not 1X, not 2X... just an X.  Yay!  I also tried on, just for curiosity's sake, a pair of size 18 jeans.  AND THEY FIT TOO!  (I confess, I did try a size 16, and that was absolutely a no go.)  Jeans weren't on the shopping list (waiting until Boxing Week sales), just yoga pants and a couple of long sleeved t-shirts (down to a 2X from a 3X last spring), but with the coupons I saved a bunch and came of there smiling.  Also of note, I FINALLY busted through the 70lb wall.  I'm down about 71.5 and hopefully things continue.  After the splurges around my birthday, I need to get back on track. 

Does anyone know if there is a connection between teething and eczema?  Pip's eczema has flared up again (I had hoped we were getting it under control) and the only thing I can think of is that he's been teething pretty hard the last couple of weeks with his canines. 

The second part of my interview with author JR Vikse is coming up in a few days.  I hope you'll come back and check it out! 


  1. My E. had no words at all until he was 15 months, and then he had 'Daddy' and that was it. Gradually, gradually the words started to come, and by 24 months it was a torrent. I also was slow to get going.

    What kept me from worrying (too much) was that E. was using some signs, and his receptive vocabulary was excellent. That let me believe he was just soaking it all up and would speak when he was ready.

    I have also heard (although I have no experience with this) that second children are later to speak because the older one speaks for them, or they don't have to say anything (i.e. older child says she is hungry, both children get a snack).

    I think you are probably ok to wait until the 18 month checkup, but if you are really worried, your paediatrician is there to be reassuring and will not think you are silly for bringing him in a bit earlier.

  2. If it were me, I'd just call the pediatrician and ask what he thinks about Pip. My nephew (who lives two states away, so I haven't seen him in over a year) is the same age as my kids (well, he's 3.5) and they finally got him speech therapy because he was barely talking. So I think you have time, but it doesn't hurt to be proactive.

    I don't know about eczema, but I know when my kids were teething, they drooled a lot and it caused some rashiness around their mouths.

    Yum for the tomato sauce ... I just canned a bunch of tomato sauce myself. I might do another canning day, but it's getting to be the end of the season even here, and I don't know how much time I'm going to have coming up.

    Congrats on all the weight loss!

  3. This reminds me that I should go shopping on my birthday in 16 days. Also, that I have a couple of coupons for the one plus sized store I frequent the most (the one that starts with a P).

    Mmmmmmm marinara sauce. Yummy.

  4. Found you through ICLW. My second nephew is autistic, so I have a little knowledge about this stuff. I think it's probably fine to wait until the 18 month checkup to ask the pediatrician about it. But I would consider other "symptoms" of autism as well - how much he likes interacting and playing with other people, eye contact, affection, etc. I would say if you notice deficits in those areas as well, it can't hurt to call your pediatrician early. But I also want to say that I agree with the other commenters - all kids are different, and some just start speaking more slowly than others.

  5. I agree - nothing better than the fall to feel motivated and starting fresh - I guess it brings back memories of starting school....

    Happy ICLW

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