Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why? Oh Why?

Oh Humble Readers....

I come to you asking why?

I lived 38 years of my life in ignorance.  I lived 38 years of my life in bliss. 

All my life, I have been mocked, ridiculed, and dismissed as an aberration.  My family didn't understand me, my friends thought I was nuts. 

My confession? 

I have never liked bacon. 

Not with eggs, not on a burger, and certainly not a club sandwich.  Not on a baked potato or on a Caesar salad.  The smell, the grease, and the mess of cooking it... *shudder*.  I thought the current 'bacon flavoured' everything craze was just wrong.  I mean, why ruin perfectly good chocolate or ice cream with bacon?  How revolting...

And I was proud to be able to tell my doctor that bacon was never a part of my diet.  I never had to worry about putting it on a list of foods I shouldn't eat because I never would consider eating it. 

Until recently. 

I don't know what happened.  Over the last few years I would occasionally make a recipe that required bacon (like my german potato salad) and I would suck it up and cook a few slices, gagging all the while.  I would crumble them really small so that I couldn't really notice it in my food.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly it grew on me. 

I learned about cooking bacon in the oven.  And that solved the problem with the mess.  I started to nibble on the crumbles I would use in recipes.  Bacon in a recipe no longer made it unpalatable to me.  After a while the crumbles became bits, and the bits became chunks. 

Humble Readers, I admit it.

I love bacon

It must be crispy.  And it most certainly must not be greasy.  I love the salty, smoky goodness.  I love the crunch.  I even had bacon on a breakfast sandwich earlier this week.  And I'm considering buying a package of the evil stuff when I go grocery shopping tomorrow. 

Oh how the mighty have fallen...

Somebody save me.  Please!


  1. I gasped out loud when I read your confession, lol. I think I remember you mentioning this before-it may have been long ago. Am I wrong? Anyway.

    Welcome to the bacon side!! (insert evil laugh)

  2. I'm with you. I don't get the whole
    Bacon craze either? I mean I like it, but I don't love love it, you know?

  3. Welcome to the dark side. ;)

    My husband isn't a fan of bacon, but I've been working on him. Maybe he'll come around like you have.


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