Friday, April 5, 2013

Pippin @ 11 Months: A Busy Boy

Hey Humble Readers...
Bathtime - still in the kitchen sink
It has been ages and ages since I did an update on our wee little mister.  Let me tell you, he's not so wee any more!
Look at me!!
He'll be 11 months old next week, and I just can't even believe it.  Where has the time gone?  He's gotten so big and so busy, it's hard to keep up with him. 
Tired boy
Pippin weighs 22.5lb now (not sure how tall he is, haven't measured him in a while).  He and Ginny are in the same size diapers now... how crazy is that?  His eyes are still super blue, and he's had six teeth since December.  He's been teething 3-4 more teeth for at least a month, with no real progress unfortunately.  And talk about drool!
Today - completely zonked out for 12 minutes
He sleeps really well most nights, usually from around 8pm until 7am.  The only times we have a middle of the night wake up is when he's in a growth spurt or his teeth are particularly bothersome.  Napping is iffy, with morning naps being the norm and the occasional cat nap in the afternoon while Ginny is napping. 
Ooooo... Mummy's books!
He loves his little stuffed Eeyore beyond belief, but all other toys are fair game too.  Basically anything he can chew on is a favourite. 

Pippin makes lots of what I would consider 'little boy' noises... grunts, squawks, blowing raspberries, even car sounds.  He's a very happy little guy, and it's easy to make him giggle.  There isn't any real sense to his noises yet, except for the random "Da!" when he sees my Beloved. 

He started crawling, really crawling not just doing the army crawl, around the same time as he started pulling himself up on the furniture, around the middle of February.  Now he's cruising around the furniture and giving me regular heart attacks as he takes little tumbles here and there. 
Hangin' with Gramma
And speaking of tumbles... Ginny DOES NOT condone Pippin's newfound mobility.  Every chance she has, she will push him down and then try to sit on him.  He has fought back once, biting her on the finger (not that biting is allowed, but he needed to put Ginny in her place). 
First time he stood up... at Mama's house in K-town.
Pip's eczema still comes ,and goes.  He's got a patch right now on his hand that has shown up in the last few days.  But the rx cream still seems to be able to control it. 
He'll probably be going for his first haircut sometime this month or early next... in time for his birthday.  He doesn't have the same quantity of hair that Ginny had at this age, but he's got some crazy wave going on in the back. 
He's a great eater, when he's not asleep at the table. :)
He's a pretty good eater too... Pip's favourites right now are rice krispies, bananas, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, tomatoes, kale, grapes, strawberries, applesauce, yoghurt, scrambled eggs, cheese, chicken, turkey, ground beef (but not roast beef or pork, or pork chops).  He gets so excited about food and he gets very upset when dinner is all gone.  He's almost entirely off the bottle, drinking whole milk from a sippy cup most days.  He's still a bit messy with the sippy cup, but I've decided that if he continues as he has been, it will be time to pack up the bottles and send them off to the thrift store (WAH!).  H e also has started to really do well with feeding himself... he could probably manage his whole lunch (usually fruit and cheese cubed up) if he wasn't inclined to pick up his dish and dump it on his head. 

Pippin is such a good little boy.  Yeah, he pulls my hair, and gets into my books, but he's so happy and when he gives me that little grin with the twinkle in his eye, I just melt. 


  1. Love love love this post and that lil mister! :) he's so adorable. In love all tr sleeping pics of him, so sweet. Makes me think I need to take more pics of the monster sleeping. Little angels. ;) and is it just me or do you think our babes look somewhat alike?! I'll have to send you an updated pic. Can you believe they'll be one soon!? That thing called time is just speeding by, isn't it?? :(

  2. 11 months!? No way! He is ADORABLE!!!!!! I love, love, love all the pics...what a doll!


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