Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Quiet Weekend

Howdy Humble Readers...

Happy Sunday night.  I hope that you all had a good weekend.  Mine has been ok.  Nothing big happening except for a huge dump of snow.  I'm sure winter is never ever going to end.  February and March are always the hardest. 

Ewan MacGregor was great in this movie!
So were Stanley Tucci and Bill Nighy!
Friday night I went out for coffee and to a movie with a couple of friends.  It was nice to get out with the girls.  We saw "Jack the Giant Slayer" and I have to say it was fabulous!  I was expecting a bit of cheesiness and over used special effects, and while there was a bit, it was a great adaptation of the old fairy tale.  I especially adored the little twist at the very end.  I was actually applauding in the theater. 

Sadly, staying out way too late (ended up not getting home until around 1am) set me up for a rough couple of days.  I had difficulties getting and staying asleep, and Saturday morning brought our eye exams (more on that later), so I was a bit of a slug.  And trying to do an eye exam when you're super tired is a challenge.  I spent the rest of the day nursing a headache and dozing.  I even copped out and ordered pizza for dinner

AF decided to make her presence known this morning, so Pip and I stayed home from church.  Ginny went to Sunday school for the first time and apparently she did really well.  Well enough to be invited back again next week, even though she's too young for the youngest class.  This afternoon the cramps eased enough for me to get a bit of work done around the hobbit hole.

So, nothing big, nothing extraordinary.  Pretty dull actually.

Anyway, on to the chit-chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading - Still reading The Book Thief.  It's been a not-so-great week for reading for me.  I'm really enjoying the book, I like the narrator's voice throughout, and his interjections into the story. 

Watching - Once Upon A Time.  The actress who plays Mrs. Pattmore from Downton is in it tonight. 

Listening to - Not really watching, but listening to an old episode of Criminal Minds.  Other than that, the house is quiet.  Wee-lings are in bed, and my Beloved is out running a couple of errands.

Baking/Cooking - Tonight's dinner was yummy, although not what I had originally planned.  Because we had pizza last night, I ended up making last night's scheduled dinner tonight.  Hunter Schnitzel with a mushroom peppercorn sauce, German potato salad, and green beans.  Yummy! 

Happy you accomplished this week - Our eye exams.  It was educational, how the doc checked the wee-lings.  Ginny had one of her rare super shy moments, and didn't want to talk, so that made things challenging.  He had her name some figures that he showed her on a card and once she had said them once, there was no getting her to say them again when he adjusted the distance.  Pippin's exam was actually a bit easier.  I held him on my lap and the doc just had him follow a little puppy figurine around, and then did a "peek a boo" exam.  Both wee-lings eyes are looking very healthy, and right where they should be in terms of development (and Ginny doesn't have a lazy eye, even though my Aunt J was adamant that she did.  Pthbt!)  My Beloved's prescription has changed dramatically, so we'll be prioritizing his new glasses.  Mine has only changed a bit, and the doctor said that the issues I've been having with fine print and eye strain/fatigue are likely still carry-over from the GD.  It should level out in the next few months. 

Looking forward to next week - Not sure.  It's shaping up to be a quiet week.  Hoping to stay on top of my spring cleaning list.   Thankful for today - That the cold I felt coming on the other day seems to have been nothing.  That spring will come... eventually.

Bonus Question:  Have you ever left the house in your pjs?  Not in recent years.  When I was living on my own, I sometimes would go out in my pjs at night and hit a drive thru for dinner or a snack.  But I would never get out of the car.  I've just never been one to let strangers see me in my jammies. 
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  1. My sister went to see Jack and liked it too.... from the priviews it looked great!! :) It always feel's great getting appointments out of the way doesn't it? Have a great week! Hope you get in extra reading time!

  2. Same here-I have only gone out in my PJ's to go through the drive thru :)

  3. I want to see that! Loves me some Ewan McGregor :)

    Sounds like Ginny was having a typical toddler moment! Glad to hear everyone's eyes are doing well.

  4. I guess I'm a slug. I sleep in yoga pants and t-shirts so I'm out in my pjs a lot.

  5. I want to see that movie! Maybe our next date night...,, ;) reading is not going so well for me lately either...... So I understand! No pjs outside of the house for me!


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