Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Questions, Questions, Questions

Hey Humble Readers...
How are you all today?  Is the sun shining where you are?  It's bright and sunny here in the Shire today, and the good weather is supposed to stick around for a few days.  Hooray! 
So, you remember the post I wrote recently about my final wishes?  Well, my lovely friend Good Timing sent me a link to this...
It's a biodegradable urn that you can use to plant a tree!  How cool is that???  Your remains help a tree grow.  I absolutely love it.  (I'm weird, I know.)  The ultimate in recycling.  Would you consider using something like this?
I've mentioned here before that I am a fan and regular follower of the website "My OB Said What?"  For those of you who aren't familiar, it's a site dedicated to the ridiculous, funny, shocking, offensive, nonsensical things that are said by medical personnel to female patients, particularly surrounding trying to conceive, pregnancy, labour & delivery, and breastfeeding.  This site has encouraged and emboldened me to speak up for myself, to ask questions, and to seek out clarity when dealing with the medical establishment.  I will admit that sometimes the comments on MOSW can get a little polarized, particularly around hot-button issues like vaccinations and breastfeeding, but it is always eye opening and entertaining. 
They are currently seeking out new submissions for their site.  If you have a story about an insane or inane comment that a medical professional has made to you, please consider sharing with them.  They also accept submissions for Thoughtful Thursdays, one day each week dedicated to the great, wonderful, encouraging and understanding comments that doctors, nurses, and midwives give to their patients. 

Here's one of my submissions that they published just the other day.

I'm working out my spring cleaning schedule that officially kicks in tomorrow.  My goal is to have it all done by Easter, tackling one or two things a day.  Tomorrow is the outsides and tops of my kitchen cabinets.  If you had one tip or trick for spring cleaning to share, what would it be?

Our whole family is going for optometrist appointments this weekend.  My Beloved hasn't been since quite a while before I met him.  The glasses he wears now were originally prescribed to wear for driving and reading, but he's worn them pretty much all the time since we were married.  It's been a few years for me, seeing as most eye doctors won't treat you while you're pregnant (due to the changes in ligaments and the temporary effects of things like pregnancy induced hypertension and gestational diabetes).  The wee-lings are also getting their first eye exams.  Have any of you ever taken an infant or a toddler for an eye exam?  What should I expect?

And since I've asked you all a ton of questions, what questions do you have for me?  Ask away, and I will answer in an upcoming post!


  1. 1) I wouldn't, but I know people who are planning to use that very product. While I don't care what happens to my remains, it's a big deal to G that he have a place to visit and decorate etc... Since, it's very likely that he will outlive me, obviously, the choice will be his.

    2) I started the spring cleaning on 3/1 as well. I have no tips, other than "just do it."

    3) Let us know how the eye exams go. I have been putting off both optometrist and dentist exams for Lil G...

  2. Hehe. I knew you'd love it! I'm all for it. Glad the eye appts went well. :) I really need to book a hearing appt. better get on that. And don't get me started on spring cleaning....,.i don't even know where to begin?!


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