Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Recovery Mode

Howdy Humble Readers!

Long time, no blogging.  Oy!  It has been a long week, with both good and bad. 

The bad... The migraine I had last week threw my whole week's schedule out of whack.  I ended up doing all my cleaning, shopping, decorating, and cooking for the party on Friday and Saturday morning.  Ginny is pushing a lot of boundaries, trying to assert her independance, but it ends up coming out as naughtiness.  Typical two-year-old stuff, but it's taxing.  Especially when you're not at your best.  And, we haven't heard anything about Beloved's interview.  They said they would call either way, but we haven't heard a peep.  We're giving up hope on that opportunity.

The good... I managed to get the house cleaned and decorated for Ginny's birthday party. It was fun, even with only three adults (Gramma, Unca D, and one of my Beloved's co-workers). She has a ton of new story books, a couple of toys, and a new outfit. Pippin FINALLY cut his first tooth yesterday! Hopefully the next one doesn't take three months of drooling and fussiness to make it's appearance. Pip has also expanded his palate to include oat cereal and applesauce. 
Blowing Out the Candle

Onto the chit-chat!

What I'm...

Reading?  Still the Hobbit *sigh*  Migraines aren't really conducive to getting a lot of reading done.  Gotta get my butt in gear.  I'm no where near my target for the year.  Plus, I still haven't gotten to Deathly Hallows, and there are other books on my nightstand just waiting for me, mocking me. 

Watching? Once Upon A Time, and then I'm planning on an early night. (I'm recording Downton Abbey Revisited to watch tomorrow)

Listening to?  Pippin grunting in his sleep as he sucks on his fingers

Cooking/Baking? Not a lot really.  I copped out and used a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight, last night was frozen pizza.  We'll be back on track tomorrow.

Happy you accomplished this week?  I posted a bunch of baby things on Kijiji, and I've sold most items already.  The baby tub ($5), the bassinet ($25), the bumbo seat ($30), the bouncer ($30).  All that's left is the sling I used with Ginny (hoping for $20... originally paid $60 and it's in like new condition).

Looking forward to next week? Crafting!  Now that we're past Ginny's birthday party, I feel that I can go all out on my Christmas preparations.  And we get our Santa's Choice delivery on Tuesday!!  Yippee! 

Thankful for today?  The fact that my Beloved has a job that does cover almost all our expenses while he continues to search for a better place. 

What is the #1 item on your Christmas wishlist?!  I don't know.  There's a few things I have on my list, but none of them are particularly tops.  I need a new slowcooker, and I would like a waffle iron.  There are a few books I would like.  But there isn't any one thing that I'm pining for this year. 

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  1. Ugh. Migraines are no fun! Glad that's over and that the party was a success. :) So funny that you're reading the Hobbit... I'm about 3/4 through the Fellowship. Haha. Last time I knew we were both reading HP for the summer... and LOTR in the fall is a must for me... we must be in sync. :)

  2. Sorry about your migraine. Those are really terrible :/ I love that cake! It looks fantastic.

  3. Aww... Hope you're feeling better today. Love the cake! Can I ask what those things are on the plate beside the cake?? lol! Sorry for the stupid question!

  4. Ohhhh...Nevermind! Made the photo bigger.... lol! They're cupcakes!!

  5. Yikes! So sorry about the migraine. Glad you were able to muddle through and get the party off without a hitch! Looks like a FABULOUS cake!

  6. Just popping by from ICLW to say hi! :)

  7. Yuck! Hope your migraine gets better. Ginny's cake looks yum! Happy birthday to her. :) so glad Pip has a tooth now! Beware, we got two in five days here and it was hell. Oh the screaming and not sleeping. Poor things. At least you've started The Hobbit, I haven't even begun my re read yet! 100 pages left in book three of GoT. Also, pissed off for you about the interview. I really hate it when they say they will call either way but don't. I think that's just rude!! :(

  8. Such a cute cake! Happy ICLW! #33

  9. Migraines are the worst. I'm glad you were still able to clean and get everything ready for Ginny's party--it sounds like you had a great time! Hope you're feeling better!


  10. Hope your migraines stop coming. That must stink.

    What is Kijiji BTW?

    Love the LOTR reference. We are big fans here.


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