Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ginevra @ Two Years

Howdy Humble Readers...

Whew... How can she be two??? 

I meant to post this yesterday, but some stuff got in the way of me having computer time (nothing serious, just busy-ness) and since today is her actual birthday, and right about now, two years ago she was taking her first breaths, this feels appropriate.  So much has changed...
My favourite pic from in the hospital two years ago.
She looks so much like Pip here.
Ginny's birthday party, as I mentioned on Sunday, was fun.  I kept the food relatively simple, and the only thing that gave me any sort of frustration was the cake (a chocolate-chocolate pudding poke cake with crushed oreos and whipped cream)... or rather trying to decorate it.  I had intened to use gel icing to write "Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Named ..." but that crashed and burned pretty quickly.  Hence we just had her name spelled out in chocolate chips and a sprinkle border.  I'm just thankful I had the chocolate chips to use. 
The Cake!

Fruit tray

Mini Corn-dog Muffins
She got spoiled rotten with a lot of books, a couple of toys, and a new outfit.  Her favourite item just now is a denim purse given to her by her Unca D, and some rubber bracelets.  Poor little Pippin was so tired during the party that he fell asleep sitting on Unca D's knee while Ginny was opening presents. 
the loot
Ginny's got such a personality.  I'm afraid that she's got my tendancy toward being easily frustrated.  Whenever she can't get one of her toys to do what she wants, she expresses herself loud and long.  She is showing some awareness of her brother's interest in her toys, and she usually responds in a good way.  So far. 

Every day she adds new words to her vocabulary.  It's hard to believe that I was so worried about her not talking a year ago.  One of her newest acquisition: delishush (that would be delicious).  She's also started to understand that she can request certain foods for meals, or decide between a couple of options.  Ginny loves pancakes, ham & cheese, grapes, oranges, chicken fried rice, yoghurt, toast with jam, french toast, soup & buns, and any kind of pasta.  Other than that little blip when she was sick earlier this month, she's a great little eater.  She's getting better with her spoon, but still has problems with remembering to hold it straight so that it doesn't dump down her front. 

She's grown again, I swear.  Almost all her pants are too short.  And her shirts are showing off too much tummy for my liking.  Still waiting on those rotten 2-year molars to make an appearance, although they seem to have settled down again and aren't hurting her too much right now. 

Ginny recognizes almost all her letters and numbers, and can sing most of the alphabet song, just not in one long stretch.  She's still struggling with colours.  Everything is yellow, brown, or purple when we ask.  My Beloved is helping her learn to use her toothbrush on her own every night as a part of her bedtime routine.  We'll give potty training another go in the new year.  Napping has recently become a challenge, with her not wanting to nap at all.  It makes for long evenings. 
wearing the bumbo seat as a helmet
She is adventurous, sometimes too adventurous for Mummy's liking.  She climbs, she bounces on the furniture, and reaches for things that she shouldn't. 

She certainly keeps us on our toes.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. Love this post! Happy birthday to our big girl, Ginny!

  2. Precious! Happy Birthday, Ginny!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Little Girl!!! Can't believe she's 2....I'm struggling with almost hitting 1 here! yay for new books!!! That's the best thing ever!

  4. Happy birthday Ginny!

    Also... where do I find the recipe for those mini muffin corn dogs? I might actually get the kid to eat those!


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