Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pippin @ 6 Months

Howdy Humble Readers!

Well, it's three days late, but I really wanted to get this down for posterity. 

I cannot believe it's been six months since we met our wee little man.  Pippin's grown so much!  I haven't weighed him recently, but I know he's well over 18lb.  We go for his well-baby check up on Thursday, so we'll get a good accurate measurement at that time.  He's totally outgrown 99% of his 3-6 month wardrobe, and we're going to have to head to the consignment store on the weekend to pick up some new pants for him. 
He wanted to help with the Christmas lights
We are still struggling with his eczema and cradle cap.  Because of the cradle cap he's lost a lot of hair, except for a strip down the center of his head, so he looks like he's got a faux-hawk going on.  Pip's eczema quieted down in September and October, but as soon as the cold dry weather started, he flared back up.  He often scratches his face and head (no matter how often I trim his nails), so he looks like he's been fighting with a cat. 
Every morning is a new discovery of scratches. 
I've tried the socks on his hands thing and it just doesn't help.
He rolls.  Oh how he rolls... everywhere!  I generally put him on a blanket in the middle of the living room and within seconds he's in the dining room, or chewing on the rocking chair. 

And speaking of chewing... oh my stars!  Pip chews on anything and everything and drools like a faucet.  Ginny has a large plastic Noah's Ark and for some reason Pip thinks it's a teething toy.  He's teething like mad, but still not making any real progress.  There are some bumps in his gums, but for all the pain he deals with, they don't seem to be going anywhere.  Ginny didn't get her first tooth until around 8 months, but I'm hoping for Pip's sake that he doesn't have to go that long. 

When Pippin isn't rolling, he's trying very hard to push himself up onto all fours.  He's desperate to keep up with Ginny, and sometimes his frustration at being left behind gets the better of him.  He's also recently begun to pay attention to the toys around him.  He will roll to get to certain items, and has an incredible grip once he gets hold of something (and he loves to wrap his fingers in Mummy's hair... ouch!). 

He loves to sit up, but can't manage it for very long on his own just yet.  He loves his toes, thinks they are the funniest things in the world, next to his sister.  He has yet to discover his penis, but given the strength of his grip, that's probably a good thing.  :)

Pip babbles and jabbers so much more than Ginny did at this age.  I always knew that Ginny was quieter, but wow!  He talks non-stop all day.  Of course it's still all nonsense syllables but it's a marked difference. 
First meal of rice cereal
(Finally got the pic to post!)
He's just started eating solid foods this week, and he's loving it!  He dives for the spoon, and gobbles up his rice cereal like a mad man.  Later this week we'll be adding sweet potatoes into the mix.  Of course, the addition of solids has not been all giggles and shits... Pip's had some tummy issues over the past few days.  A small increase in gassiness and some ooky changes in his poopy diapers are of note, but Ginny went through similar challenges when she first started solids too. 

Sleep at night is great.  Both he and Ginny are sleeping in the nursery now (Ginny goes down at 7:30 and he snoozes in the living room until 9 and then has a final diaper change and bottle before moving to the nursery), and they have managed to deal with each other's noises.  Napping, on the otherhand, has been a challenge.  At least part of the issue is again logistics.  He NEEDS a nap in the morning, but fights it so hard, I think because Ginny is up and playing.  At most he'll sleep for 20 minutes to a half hour.  In the afternoon, he'll often sleep when Ginny is napping, but where to put him is still the question.  I need to just bite the bullet and try putting him down in his crib at the same time as Ginny nap and see what happens. 
I know I've shared this pic before, but I just adore it!
 He's such a happy, laid back baby.  He adores his bouncy/jumper thingy, and will try to bounce on your knee.  He fusses when he's tired or hungry, but it's an obvious need.  He smiles and laughs constantly, and he's such a joy.  I can't believe he's 6 months old already! 

The crud has landed on Ginny.  Poor sweet girl has a fever and a seriously runny nose.  I hope and pray that she doesn't get it as bad or suffer with it as long as I have (almost 100%... my voice is still really weak). 


  1. He is such a cutie pie!!!! So much like my littlest man (hilarious hair, chomping and drooling machine) but different too -- can't get mine to roll over for anything!!! It's ridiculous. lol

    Two of my kiddos had cradle cap. For the second kid, I used one of those special brushes and some cradle cap shampoo, and it got sooo much better.

  2. Seven has major eczema. Cutting nails and socks on hands never worked for us either.
    At the advice of our doctor, we put cortizone ointment (not cream) on the sandpapery areas and put aquaphor everywhere. We do this 2-3 times a day. And it works wonders. The aquaphor is very oily and grease gets everywhere, but it has helped his skin.

  3. Oh poor boy! Eczema is rough, and his poor little scratches! I do love the little mohawk look though! Is that bad? LOL. IT's just adorable! Hope Ginny starts feeling better soon. I hate the cold/flu season!

  4. He is adorable! I can't believe he is over 18lbs. LM is only a bit over 21lbs the last time we weighed him.

  5. Happy six months Pippin" he's so cute and changing and growing so much!


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