Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Snapshot: Goin' Shoppin'

Hey Humble Readers...

Ginny has become fascinated with my shoes.  She's always looked on our footwear as some of her favourite playthings, but recently she's started trying to walk around in my shoes.  She doesn't seem to want to wear my Beloved's shoes, but mine have shown up in all sorts of places around the house.

And when she wears them, invariably it's because she's "goin' shoppin'".  She usually has some sort of bag or bin or something that she carries to put her shoppin' in, and she's always specific about saying buh-bye. 

When did my wee sweet girl get so big? 

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  1. Toddlers are all like stereotypical adult women-- obsessed with bags and shoes!

  2. LOL to Julie's comment above :)

    I love the picture. Too cute. Raegan has recently discovered our shoe pile and really seems to enjoy tying and untying our laces....I'm waiting for her to tie the laces together while we're wearing them so we fall over LOL


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