Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ginevra in September & October

Howdy Humble Readers...

It's been a while since I've done a regular update on Ginny.  I want to record these things mostly so that I don't forget them as time goes by.  Please indulge me as I spend some time blathering on about our wee sweet girl.

It's not going to be much longer that we'll be able to call her our 'wee' sweet girl.  She's grown more than an inch in the last three months.  She's now over 26 pounds.  We are facing the same issue we had last winter, with her legs being too long for pants that will stay up around her waist. 

Her eyes seem to change colour daily.  Blue one day, then green the next.  The day after they'll look hazel, leaning toward brown.  Her hair has lightened considerably, and sadly her curls seem to be slowly disappearing (although it could just be that she needs a good haircut with some layers). 

She's so stinkin' brave and curious!  Bad combination for Mummy's heart.  Ginny has figured out how to climb from her crib into Pippin's.  She's almost sorted out how to get out of the playpen, and the locks on the cupboard doors are no match for her. 

Ginny loves to 'hep' (that would be 'help').  She puts clothes in the hamper and in the washing machine.  She takes Pip's empty bottles and her sippy cups and my water glasses to the kitchen and puts them in the sink (great, except for my water glass.  She hasn't broken one yet, but I know it's coming).  She attempts to put her lunch dishes in the dishwasher, but she can't quite reach.  And her favourite thing to do is help make supper.  Ginny will pull a chair from the table to the counter so that she can 'stir da soup' (no matter what I'm making). 

Recently, Ginny has really gotten into playing with Pippin.  She loves to make him laugh.  Several times a day she will look right at him and say very emphatically "TALK!".  She's not so sure about sharing with him, but she likes to trade toys a lot.

I'm fairly certain that one of her 2 year molars is on it's way.  She's been particularly clingy, short tempered, and wanting to snuggle more than usual.  She has all the classic physical symptoms, too... pink cheeks, sucking her thumb a lot more while she's awake, runny nose, diaper rash. 

One of her favourite things to do in the morning is watch Curious George (yes... tv... I know, I know) while snuggle on the couch under her 'cozy 'ket'.  Ket is her blanket, the one I knitted for her when I was pregnant with her. 

Ginny's an amazing eater.  She'll eat pretty much anything I put in front of her.  Veggies (especially 'bwocclee') are great.  Her favourite lunch is 'hamncheez' and she's fiend for these dinner rolls I make whenever I make soup for supper.  She's still totally hung up on rice, particularly chicken fried rice (which I have become an expert at making).  Grapies and 'nanas are still very popular, although she does adore her applesauce in the morning.  And as I mentioned earlier this week, she's finally making progress with using her spoon. 
She has the most beautiful laugh.  She's figured out that 'smooches' are fun.  And she loves squeezie hugs.  She doesn't know what 'slow down' means, and only goes top speed all day long.  She still plays shy with strangers, but she's fascinated with other kids.  She's a bit OCD when it comes to her toys (she organizes them a certain way and heaven help you if you mess it up).  She can recognize about half of the alphabet and a few numbers.  She likes it when I sing (there's no accounting for taste) but has yet to really try to join in. 

As I've mentioned before, she is addicted to her books, sometimes to their detriment.  She particularly loves books that have animals in them so she can make all the noises.  She even tries hard to read her storybooks to Pip.  She picks up new words like a sponge, even though it sometimes takes my Beloved and I some time to figure out what she's saying. 
I can't believe that she'll be two in less than a month.  She's such an amazing little person.  I'm so incredibly blessed that she's in my life.


  1. Love this update about Ginny. I can't believe how much they grow and change so quickly. Soon this post will be about our misters!

  2. She is adorable! How do you solve the too short pants issue?

    1. Last year we bought her a wardrobe full of overalls. I'm going to hold off for as long as I can before heading off to buy her more pants. She might just have to look like she's prepping for a flood for a while.

  3. She is beautiful! I love her hair :)


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