Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Good Evening Humble Readers...

So, how ya doin'?  Dijya have a nice day?  ;)  I'm kind of giddy just now because a rip-snorter of a thunderstorm just rolled through and it was magnificent!  And it brought a slight reprieve to the wretched heat that has taken up residence in our hobbit-hole. 

I am choosing to declare today a victory.  Pippin's baptism went off without a hitch (more on that tomorrow), I successfully fed 10 people lunch in our wee condo, and we had enough left overs from lunch that I didn't have to cook dinner.  Yes, there were some ucky moments today (even more family drama) but I choose to look at the blessings of this day.

Not the least of which is the fact that I encountered a new-to-me blogger... Carla of 'My 1/2 Dozen Daily'.  And she hosts a fun blog hop on Sundays that I wanna join in on... so I give you Sunday Night Chit-Chat!

Our happy boy!
What are you...

I just started re-reading Harry Potter.  Reading the series just screams summer to me.  This is likely my seventh or eighth time reading the whole series, and I love it more each time.  I love catching all the foreshadowing that Rowling put into it.

Olympic re-caps.  They're talking about the men's singles tennis gold medal match.  I'm not really a tennis person, but that was a pretty astounding game.

Listening to?
My Beloved chatting to Pip as he gives our wee little mister a bottle.  I love how he talks to the kids.

LOL!  It's FAAAAARRRR too hot to cook or bake tonight.  Last night however, man oh man, I was not having fun baking.  I was trying a new recipe, a cinnamon coffee cake with a cream cheese layer (sounds good right?) for the lunch we had after church for our guests.  First go round I was a complete idiot and put the sugar in with the flour.  Then, second go round, I followed the recipe to a T, but instead of being a batter, it resembled biscuit dough.  Not at all conducive to making a coffee cake.  After a meltdown, I ressorted to an old stand-by recipe for a cinnamon loaf and called it a day.

Happy you accomplished this week?
Finally got around to posting ads on Kijiji for the two extra strollers we have.  And I may actually have a buyer already for one of them.  Crossing my fingers!

Looking forward to next week?
My Beloved and I are going on a date night on Saturday night.  We're going for dinner and a movie... either Batman or Timothy Green.  Opinions?

Thankful for today?
My family.  My immediate wee family of four, and my extended family.  Particularly those who drove a full day to be here with us today for Pip's special day, just to turn around and drive back home. 

What hobby have you always wanted to learn? Do you plans on trying to learn? Why or why not?
Part of me would like to learn to sew.  I can cross stitch, and I can handle a needle to do basic mending, but there are crafts that I simply can't consider doing because it involves some sewing.   Maybe someday in the future, when we have the space for me to have a crafting room, I'll pick up a used machine and see if I can figure it out.   


  1. I'm re-reading HP right now too! LOL. My husband HATES that I read the whole series once a year, but it's totally a summer thing and has to be done. :)

  2. Oooo... you've got me in the mood for HP. You're right, it's absolutely a summer thing. I remember when the last book came out, DH and I lined up at the bookstore downtown to buy two copies (because we couldn't share) at midnight. Ah, I remember when we didn't have kids and had the time and energy to be giant nerds...

  3. This seems like a really fun meme to do! Enjoy HP" I'm still working on the second Game of Thrones book!


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