Saturday, August 4, 2012

Against the Odds

Hey Humble Readers...

So do you remember that tomato plant I bought with high hopes back in June? 

And do you remember when I said, "I want to successfully grow one tomato.  Just one."  And then I'll be satisfied...

And do you remember me griping about how my poor little tomato plant got beat up big time by a hail storm? 

Well, I pretty much gave up hope.  All the flowers had been knocked off, and the leaves looked like swiss cheese.  I stopped watering it about a week before we went on vacation and in the intense heat, it looked like it was going to be toast any day. 

I had actually asked my Beloved to throw the plant away because it depressed me to see it out there on our balcony, all wilty.  But in the busy-ness in the run up to leaving on vacation, it got forgotten. 

When we got back from K-town, I opened our front curtains and this is what I saw...

Do you see it?  I didn't notice it at first.  But then that little green gem just sort of jumped out at me.  The leaves were all shrivelled and brown.  But there was this maverick tomato, just hanging on for dear life. 

I left it on the plant, figuring that I couldn't do anything at this point to really help it along.  I would leave it up to fate (if I believed in such a thing).  I just sat back and let it turn from green to a pretty orangey red.

Well, this is what I harvested today...

And just to give you some idea of comparison...

I can't help but laugh at my puny little tomato.  It's sooooo dinky.  But it's all mine! 

Now I just have to decide how I'm going to eat it...


  1. WAHOOOOO! I love it! Sweet tomato success! Toast up some bread, use mayo, salt, and pepper... and slice this little beauty up for a tomato sandwich! NOTHING is better than a fresh tomato sandwich. :)

  2. I think it's an awesome tomato! What did you end up doing with it? I bet it tasted extra sweet because fresh tomatoes are supposed to taste better than regular store ones.

  3. DH and I laughed until we cried reading this post! We've had all manner of problems with our garden this year (the heat, invading rabbits) so we share your pain. Enjoy that precious tomato!

  4. Awww... lol! So sweet! My grandma said she ended up tossing 1/2 of her garden this year because nothing had any taste! :( It's been a long, hot & dry summer here in Ontario!!


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