Monday, July 30, 2012

Memorable Moment Mondays: On A Roll

Howdy Humble Readers...

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We had a pretty big memorable moment this weekend.  Wee Master Pippin decided that it was high time he rolled over! 

And of course, no one saw it happen...
Nope!  Not gonna do it now that you're watching!

I was napping, and my Beloved was watching some of the Olympics while Pip was doing tummy time.  I knew he had been getting close to rolling, much earlier than his big sister, but we weren't expecting it just yet. 

But, one minute he was on his tummy and when my Beloved looked back a minute or two later, there he was, on his back. 
Ginny offering some advice on the mechanics of rolling over

We tried to get him to replicate it while I had the camera, but of course Pippin wasn't going to cooperate with that idea at all.  Still, we had some fun with him trying to get those hips to turn over. 

I don't imagine it will be too long before he's going from back to front, as he's always twisting away from me when I change his diaper.

They grow too darn fast!


  1. Yeah Pippen!! They do grow up so fast!

  2. Oops,
    I meant "Pippin"!

  3. LOL - I love that face. Yep, I rolled Mom, get out of my face with that camera.

  4. Wow! He is a rockstar! My kids can't roll over forever... too many fat rolls in the way. LOL. My kids won't do their tricks for the camera/friends/family either. I tried to get E to play peek-a-boo with grandma yesterday and she gave me a look of loathing that clearly said "I am not a performing monkey in heels."

  5. SO serious! Looks like Ginny is cheering him on. Gold medal in rolling!

  6. That's how it happened with Ham-- I left the room for a moment and came back and she was on her back :)

  7. He rocks and rolls! Awesome. I love that last picture with his sister watching over him.

  8. So cute! You are so right, they grow WAY too fast!

  9. hehe so cute! Alidia rolled for the first time when no one was looking too. So sneaky! It took weeks for her to do it again too!

  10. Yea for pippin! Btw - he is so freakin cute!

  11. Oh Master Pip, adorable as always..and in that last pic, it looks like Ginny might just be giving him a little shove ;) Miss E is the same way, when she does something adorable or amazing, we try to get her to do it again, only to be met with, "I am not a show pony" stare. Can you believe you have two kids?! I'm still so amazingly happy for you..And thanks for the support over at my place..It means more then I could ever tell you.


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