Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ginevra in July

Hey Humble Readers...
Her first helium balloon
Here we are at the end of another month, and that means that Ginny is another month older.  20 months now!  Holy cow...
Figuring out the crayons
Ginny was a very busy little girl this month.  A trip to a historic farm, a major road trip, and a medical discovery round out the significant events of the past few weeks.
Of course she loved the farm, even if my Beloved and I were more than a little disappointed with what it had to offer.  She was incredibly excited to see all the animals, particularly the pigs and the turkey (**shudder**).  She's also adamant that she's not into being on the swings this year, but the slide is totally fair game.
Hangin' at Timmy's w/ Uncle W!
I mentioned before about our little allergy scare with our wee sweet girl.  I had hoped that perhaps her intense reaction to mosquitoes was a one time thing, but since the initial incident, we've had to rely on the wonders of bena.dryl.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a tad concerned about what would happen if she got stung by a bee. 
She was a bit shy around her GG
Our trip to K-town, while challenging on many levels, was a great thing for Ginny.  She got to play with her cousins Oscar, Felix, and Z-man, and got a lot of attention all around.  Her vocabulary took a major jump while we were out there and we added all kinds of new words including Auntie, Uncle, pool, outside, inside, cakies (pancakes), grapies (grapes), and tons of people's names.  She's also often stringing two words together, like 'bye-bye Daddy' or 'grapies alle-alle' (all gone).  We did discover that she deals with a hint of motion sickness, but she comes by that honestly as Mummy still suffers from it at times. 
In the pool w/ Z-man
While in K-town, we learned that Ginny is still not a huge fan of the pool, although she loved it when Z-man pushed her around while she sat on a flutter-board.  She's a bit over-enthusiastic when it comes to my mom's dogs, but they learned quickly to stay out of her reach.  And she slept sooooo much better this trip (as opposed to Christmas) because we put her in my parents' office by herself. 
Z-man & Ginny
Her growth seems to have slowed, as is to be expected, with no great gains this month.  She was even able to fit into her swimsuit from last summer (if it had been a one piece it wouldn't have fit at all).  Her hair gets curlier every day, I swear.  And being a girl with poker-straight to wavy hair, I'm at a loss as to how to control it.  But it sure looks cute when she wakes up in the morning. 
Crazy bed-head
We're struggling a bit with getting Ginevra to use her fork and spoon to eat.  She'll have one good bite out of twenty.  I know at this point it's all about consistency, but I'm finding it challenging to not just take over and feed her.  It would go so much faster. 
Rockin' the bikini
I'm thinking that it's time to get a potty-chair for our wee girl.  She's still determined to take her diaper off if she's left alone in her crib for too long when she wakes up.  I think it may actually be bothering her to be wet, which is a good sign.  Any one with tips on potty training, speak up please!
No... I haven't seen your ice cream
She's recently gone into a clingy phase.  Whether it's the fact that she's envious of the fact that I have to hold Pippin so much, or if she's dealing with a bit of separation anxiety, she has to be right next to me pretty much all day.  And if I'm sitting on the couch, she's crawling all over me.  This is of note, particularly because it used to be Daddy who was the living jungle gym, but not so much any more.
I pulled out the bumbo for Pippin, but she seemed to think it
was all for her. 
Overall, July was a good month for our wee sweet girl.  She's had some adventures and there are more on the horizon.  I'm wondering what the second half of summer will hold for her developmentally.  There are areas where she could be further along, but mostly I'm just wanting to enjoy this time with her.  She's really so much fun... so silly and sweet (when she isn't being 'almost two'). 


  1. She is just so gorgeous! Sounds like such a wonderful, sweet time! :)

  2. First, thanks so much for your sweet comment and your prayers. You're a doll, Mrs. G. :)

    As to the potty training, what worked for PJ was to put her in a t-shirt and toddler panties (they're cotton, like regular panties but have a thick layer in the crotch area to keep accidents from being quite as messy as regular undies)so that she could actually feel what 'wet' was...with no shorts or skirt, either, to expedite the process since you're pulling everything up and down a million times a day. I filled her up with liquids and set a timer to go off every 15 min., with lots of praise (and an M&M, if I'm being honest ;p)every time she used the potty. The idea is to make them see/feel success by making sure the bladder is full so that they accomplish their goal every time they try. It DID seem a bit Pavlovian to me in the beginning (every time the timer went off, we HAD to go pee, even if it was just our lunch warming up in the mircowave, lol) but it worked. We did this for a few days, not leaving the house at all, so that she could get the hang of things. We still wore a diaper for naps for several weeks and still wear them at night. (Really, I can't go 10-12 hours without getting up to use the bathroom, so I don't expect her to, either. As she ages, we'll work more on being dry at night.)

    As the days passed, she did better and better, so I backed off the liquids and set the timer for longer intervals (and actually didn't set it at all sometimes, just to see if she could tell me when she needed to go). Of course, she had a few accidents but really did do remarkably well. I think the fact that we were home most of the time during the initial training with no outside distractions and consistency with it really made the difference. Sounds like Ginny will do great, though, whatever method you choose.

    Peeing in public places has been a-whole-nother thing...automatic flushing toilets are the devil. ;p But I'll tell you about that another day...:D

  3. She is so pretty ;) Love her curls!

  4. Love all these pics! :) and doesn't she just look like a hobbit with all that curly hair!? ;)


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