Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Beloved

Hey Humble Readers...

I'm more than a couple of days late on this post, but I wanted to do it anyway.  Because my Beloved is an amazing man, a wonderful husband, and an awesome father.

When we first met, he wasn't sure that he wanted to have children.  He was afraid that he didn't have what it takes to be a parent, that he wouldn't be a good father.  I don't really know when things changed for him, but by the time he proposed to me he was already talking about our future children. 

As we started down the TTC road, he was supportive of my sometimes hilarious, sometimes obnoxious initial obsession with getting pregnant.  When we got pregnant that first time, he was just as happy, excited, and freaked out as I was. 

And when we lost that first, and second pregnancy, my Beloved cried with me.  He once told me that losing our babies was as hard for him as when we lost his father.  He put up with me when I was in my darkest places, and kept believing when I was tempted to give up.  The nights when all I wanted to do was zone out for hours playing video games, he would make me go to bed.  He held me when I cried when someone would say some of the insensitive 'just relax' comments. 

When we finally got pregnant with Ginny, he held my hand in waiting rooms and listened as I kept hedging on the 'if' of that pregnancy, encouraging me to look to the 'when'.  When the anxiety was threatening to drag me down while I was pregnant with Pippin, reminded me to breathe and believe that all would be well. 

And then Ginny was here.  And he became, in that moment, the most amazing father. 

When Pip was in the NICU, he wore a path between the pediatric unit and the maternity unit to constantly bring me updates.

He changes diapers, he mixes formula, and burps babies like a champ.  He's down on the floor playing with Ginny the moment he gets home from work.  He kisses boo-boos, does the Mon.ster voice, and can make Ginny shriek with glee. 

All that, on top of working all day and all the everyday stuff he does around here (like dishes and the laundry). 

I am so incredibly grateful for his presence in my life.  I can't imagine anyone else ever making me feel so loved, secure, and special.  How in the world did I get so blessed?

Ok, now that the sappiness is done...

This is what 'the kids' gave Daddy for Father's Day.  (Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration)  He really enjoyed it, and thankfully has taken all the candy that he didn't consume on Sunday to work so it's not lying around here tempting me.
Candy bouquet... YUM!
'My' gift to him was a big breakfast full of yumminess.  Eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and a groovy cinnamon french toast casserole.  I'll share the recipe with you on Friday, I promise!
Mega Father's Day Breakfast


  1. Aw. So sweet! I loved the sappiness. :) So glad you have such a wonderful man in your life! You deserve it girl. And I totally want that recipe, if only to punish myself with hunger pangs. LOL.

  2. Happy Father'sDay to your beloved! You are lucky to have a man like him in your lives!


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