Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Doctor Doctor

Hey Humble Readers...

It is a gloriously sunshiney day here on the flatland, and the wind has decided to give us a break!  Summer is here!  Hooray!  And the best news of all, the forecast for the long weekend is showing only a teensy amount of rain.  Super-Hooray!  My Beloved and I have a great surprise for Ginny for Saturday, and I'm thankful that it's going to be nice out.

This week has been all about doctors.  Yesterday was Pippin's 6 (or 7) week check-up, and his first visit with our regular doc... the uninspired Dr. B.  Everything was pretty routine.  He got all frowny at me when I told him that I was letting the pumping thing taper off, but I stood my ground and refused to let him make me feel guilty.  And it's not like Pip is hurting for food.  The little stinker has already ganined more than 4 pounds!!  It's no wonder he's outgrown his newborn wardrobe.  The only really useful tidbit from the appointment was the suggestion to try saline drops for Pip's weird snarfly sinus thing (the kid has snored from birth, and always sounds mildly stuffed up). 

One thing that Dr. B pointed out (which I had already noticed) was that Pippin has a small flat spot forming on the back of his wee noggin.  Sadly the wee little mister doesn't like sleeping on his side just yet.  Settling him for sleep is a bit more challenging than it had been. 

Today I saw Dr. W for my 6 (or 7) week post partum check up.  She was super excited about the weight I've lost, and she was much more understanding about the breastfeeding/pumping situation.  She did remind me though that the weight won't drop off quite as easily (ha-ha) once I'm done with pumping.  She also took a look at my incision, and was very happy with how it has healed.  One thing that surprised me, both yesterday and today... no mention was made of me having an internal exam.  Not that I'm complaining, but I know I had one at the 6 week appointment last time.  We had a bit of a chat about PPD, and how my mood has been.  She was concerned when I brought up the family drama, but was happy to hear that I'm being proactive about monitoring how I'm feeling and that I'm working hard to get outside and be active. 

No good nibbles yet on my Beloved's resumes.  He was contacted by a non-profit organization, and while it would have been a great job, it just didn't offer enough for compensation.  And another company called, but they wanted us to move to a town three and a half hours away.  Not to mention that the town has a significantly higher cost of living so the increased salary wouldn't actually be much of an increase.  We're still hopeful though.

Any suggestions for how to get a super deep sliver out of your foot?  It doesn't hurt, it's just kind of freaking me out. 


  1. Glad it's nice where you are was 14 degrees here! This fat, pregnant lady was practically baking!!

    Glad to hear that you and Pip both got good updates. Prayers for your Beloved's job situation.

    And for the splinter? PJ recently got one in her foot that didn't seem to bother her but I was afraid to let it stay for fear of infection. After doing some research on something that was safe for her, I came across something called Ichthammol ointment. This is the brand we used and it worked, painless, and relatively quick (less than a week).

    I actually found it in the first aid section at, so I was able to start using it sooner than if I had ordered it (which I was prepared to do). Hope that helps! :)

    1. LOL...that was supposed to say 104 degrees. Apparently, the incredible heat has affected my ability to type AND proofread. ;p

  2. No advice on the sliver, but for sure get it out before it gets infected! I can tell you that I don't like your pediatrician. LOL. Hoping your hubby gets a fabulous job offer quickly! That would make such a huge difference in your stress level, I'm sure. :)


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