Monday, May 7, 2012

A Hobbit-ish Life List

Hey Humble Readers...

A few days ago, Kristin over at Dragondreamer's Lair posted her Not-A-Bucket List, and I felt inspired to do the same. 

You know me and lists. 

I'm not a big fan of the term 'bucket list', because of the quasi-negative, death related connotations.  And when I was in college, I had a prof who referred to this sort of thing as a 'life list', things I hope to do in this life. 

I think we all have one of these lists, in some form or another.  And I think it's important that the list keeps changing and growing, just as we should.  It shouldn't be a finite thing.  My list has changed as I have developed new interests, and as I have accomplished some of my hopes and dreams

So without further ado...

In this life, I hope to
  • Write a novel (with a beginning, middle, and end).
  • Travel
    • Visit all ten provinces and three territories.
    • Visit all fifty states
    • Travel extensively in Europe (including the UK, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece)
    • Go on Safari in Africa
    • Go on a cruise (not a Carribean or Alaskan cruise... something more interesting, like a European river cruise or a retracing of the Titanic voyage)
  • Go on a mission/service trip to Tanzania, and work with the Lutheran Masai Girls School that's affiliated with my alma mater.
  • Learn to sew.
  • Successfully grow basil and tomatoes (I'm just asking for one season's worth).
  • Take my children to Disney World.
  • Hear my heirloom violin played, perferably by one of my children or grandchildren.
  • Learn to take better pictures
  • Own a Montblanc fountain pen
  • Go to an Antiques Roadshow event
  • Weigh less than my Beloved
  • Spend a night in a castle
  • Track my family tree
  • Write a cookbook
  • Own a pug
  • Bake a cake from scratch that doesn't taste like sawdust
  • Figure out what my next career will be
I know that there are other things, but my baby-brain is a bit foggy this evening.  I think it's important to always have things to strive for, areas to grow in, and things to dream about. 

What's on your life list?


  1. Don't knock an Alaskan cruise until you have done one!

    Cruising across the Atlantic? zzzzzzz

    My list included flying on the Concord, guess that's not going to happen any time soon.

  2. I like your list. Thanks for joining me in the fun.

  3. I saw this on Mo's blog, and love the idea too! But my aspirations, while thrilling to me, are positively boring to others. Haha. Stuff about gardening, getting healthy, having more babies, having a peaceful and non-flashy life. Though I'd like to see Ireland one day, maybe Hawaii.... :)


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