Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 34: Staying Busy

Hey Humble Readers...

I can't believe another week has past already. 

I go to see Dr. W tomorrow and I'm going to be sure to get some clarification about the anesthesia question.  I haven't written a birth plan yet, and I'm wondering if I should really bother with one this time.  We know we are having a c-section, so we know there will be medical interventions.  I know that breast feeding will be slow to start, and that formula may be necessary in the early days to help the Halfling's blood sugars level out.  There are things, like I don't want the Halfling to have a pacifier, I do want my Beloved to do skin-to-skin time with the baby, and I'm going to need to be pumping regularly and often... and I think I should have that written out for the nursing staff. 

Other than all that, things at the hobbit-hole are going alright.  My hand continues to mend, and although I seem to be getting a head cold, I'm feeling not too bad.  I'm anxious to get more done around the house, but I need too give my hand another day or so before I get back at it.  My Beloved is going to be putting the new crib together sometime next week, and I'm excited to get the nursery finished up. 

On to this week's update...

How far along? 34w0d (4 weeks and counting!)

Maternity clothes? I couldn't fit into anything else if my life depended on it.  Actually, I have one maternity dress that I wore to a wedding when I was expecting Ginny, and I've kind of been wanting to wear it again, possibly for our anniversary this weekend.  The problem is, I don't have any stockings or tights that will fit right now.  And it's still too chilly to go bare legged. 

Body Oddities? VERY dry skin, alternating constipation and IBS flares, back ache, cracking joints, super sore & slightly leaky boobs, dry/itchy eyes, leg cramps, round ligament pain, tingly fingertips, tired, gassy, Braxton Hicks, tendinitis in my thumbs, hot flashes,water retention, skin tags, NEW THIS WEEK - increased klutziness

Sleep? Been kind of iffy this week.  I've had a few good nights and a few not so good ones. 

Intense Dreams?  Nothing of note. 

Best moment this week? Getting a lot tackled on my to do list.  There is still a fair bit to go, but I'm feeling good about what we accomplished last weekend.

Worst moment? The whole frying pan incident on Sunday was pretty sucky. 

Movement? Pretty quiet during the day, but after dinner the Halfling starts rockin' and rollin'!

Food cravings/aversions? I've actually found that my appetite has shrunk a lot.  I still make sure to eat regularly (the GD makes that imperative) but I can't eat anywhere near as much as I used to.  Particularly at dinner time. 

Rings? Still off, and I was thankful I didn't have them on when I burned my hand.  That could have been messy. 

Gender? Still think that the Halfling is a girl. 

Medical Concerns? Gestational Diabetes (insulin 5 times a day), High blood pressure (on 50mg of lobetalol 3x daily), continued heartburn (on 60mg of Pan.taloc daily), kidney stones, low lying placenta, low iron

What I miss? Ice cold orange juice, being able to bend over or stand up without grunting, and being able to see the numbers on the scale (although perhaps that's a good thing)

What I look forward to? Finishing the spring cleaning, celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday, and meeting this little Halfling.

Emotional State?  Mood swings are tied to how sore my back is at any given moment, and super hormonal. 


  1. I have never written out a birth plan. I'm pretty vocal, and guess I just figure that they won't take the time to read it properly anyway, and so I'd rather tell them in person. Hope you get everything done in time!!! So much fun! And I have to wear tights with dresses even when it's warm because I hate shaving my legs all the time. LOL.

  2. God bless. Wishing you all the best with the pending arrival of your little one.

    Visiting through the A to Z Challenge. Lovely blog!

    Best regards,
    Award-winning Children’s Author
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