Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Anniversary Happenings, et al

Hey Humble Readers...

Yesterday was a crazy busy day around the hobbit-hole.  Add to the usual Saturday busy-ness (grocery shopping, tidying up the house, etc), it was our 5th anniversary.  It was certainly a different kind of day than the day we were married... it was blustery and snowy here yesterday, but five years ago in K-town we had a pretty nice day.  Nice enough to have pictures taken outside.  Like this one...

Anyway, my Beloved planned our anniversary celebration and he did a great job!  He booked a 'date night' at Heriage Ranch here in town.  We had a beautiful one hour carraige ride, all snuggled up under cozy blankets.  We got to see a family of deer through the trees, and even though it was chilly, we had a wonderful time.  I just wish we would have remembered to take some pictures. 

After the carraige ride, we were shown into a private dining room and he had pre-ordered our meal, so it just started coming.  A small antipasto platter, followed by tossed salads (I had a house made maple vinagrette... YUM!).  Then the BEST steak I have ever eaten (seriously Humble Readers... OMG!  It melted!), served with grilled asparagus, a baked potato, and garlic bread.  And yes, I was a bad girl and had dessert, too... chocolate peanut butter pie.  Because the package deal that my Beloved chose included alcohol, and we skipped that (obviously... I'm so looking forward to my first glass of wine when we go to K-town this summer!), the restaurant gave us two free movie passes. 

My Beloved is an incredible blessing in my life.  I know I have said it before, but he makes me a better person every day simply by being by my side.  There aren't enough words in the English language to express how much I love him, and how honoured I am that he chose me to share his life. 

Also on the schedule yesterday was a big event at our church.  We, as a congregation, have been without a regular pastor for more than two years.  After a very long and drawn out call process, we chose a new pastor and he accepted the call.  He's only just recently graduated from seminary, and yesterday we had the privilege of being present at his ordination (when he officially 'becomes' a pastor).  It was a very moving service.  I wasn't the only one in tears when his wife and daughter (8 years old, she was also the crucifer for the service... she looked so proud carrying in the cross ahead of the procession of clergy) presented him with his stole.  I wish we could have stayed for the reception after, but we had to get home to meet the sitter and head out for our evening. 

I had an NST this morning, so when my Beloved headed off to church, Ginny and I headed down the street to the hospital.  Everything went really well... blood pressure 132/69, Halfling's heartrate in the upper 150s, lots of movement, no contractions to speak of.  Ginny was a perfect angel the whole time, eating her goldfish crackers and charming the nurses.  The only downside was when Dr. W asked about my bloodsugars, and I confessed that I was a bad girl yesterday.  She gave me a dirty look and reminded me about watching my weight gain (I'm down 2 pounds by the way). 

Tomorrow is a big cooking day.  I'm planning on making a big batch of marinara and a couple of shepherd's pies to freeze.  I've got a list of things that I want to make and freeze in the next weeks, and I need to get cracking on them.  Time is running out!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time on your date night. I always hate how some doctors both forget that we are all humans and slip up once in awhile, and instead on focusing on the positive (down 2 lbs? awesome!) they focus on the negative--a piece of pie...It's not like you went to a chocolate buffet and gorged yourself on all you can eat sweets for a couple hours (daydreaming about such is not forbidden, right?)
    Anyway, Happy Anniversary & grats on the progress :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Do share your list of things to freeze! I need some inspiration this week. I plan on freezing stuff and need to go shopping tomorrow for ingredients.


    1. I got a lot of ideas from Once A Month Mom (link over there on my foodie blogroll) from the traditional menu.

      - chicken curry (2 meals - done)
      - shepherd's pie (2 meals)
      - pasta sauce (5-6 meals)
      - meatloaf (2 meals)
      - chicken parm & salad sandwiches (2 meals)
      - chicken ranch lasagna (2 meals)
      - lazy cabbage roll casserole (2 meals)
      - herbed beef (2 meals)
      - meatballs (2 meals)
      - garlic balsamic pork chops (2 meals)
      - breakfast burritos (a ton!)

      I'm planning on doing a big costco trip soon for meat, so that's going to be when I do most of my cooking for the freezer. I really like that a lot of OAMM has quite a number of recipes that require no actual cooking before you freeze them. Just assemble in freezer bags and you're good to go.

      Hope that gives you some inspiration!

    2. Thanks for the tips!!!! I'm going to check that site out ASAP!!

  3. Aw! Your anniversary sounds wonderful!!! :) And tell that big old meany headed doctor to butt out! LOL. It was your freaking anniversary for cry-eye. I say eat it all! :) And you are SO ambitious making all those meals ahead of time! Go you!!! You should email or post those recipes for us! I always want to make freezer meals, but honestly have NO IDEA how to make a regular meal into a freezer meal, and have no freezer meal recipes. I'm lame I know. But I'd love to have some of those in my recipe stash... you know, for just in case we're ever able to get pregnant again. :) Cheers!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your dinner sounded absolutely amazing!

  5. Happy, Happy Anniversary! So glad that you got to enjoy every minute...even the pie. ;) I am so impressed that you've LOST weight through your pregnancy...I've gained 5lbs. already! UGh!

    And Ilove the freezer meal ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Happy Anniversary. You sure sound busy. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

  7. Happy anniversary! kudos to the hubby for planning a great night;)

    Happy A-Zing!


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