Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 27: A Cranky Hobbit

Howdy Humble Readers & ICLW Visitors!

I hope you are all doing well today.  Things around here have been a tad sluggish... I woke up this morning feeling like I didn't sleep a wink last night.  Of course, Ginny had a great sleep so she was up with the sun and raring to go.  Ahh well, I need to get used to it.  In a few more weeks I'll be having to get up for middle of the night feedings.

We had a meh sort of long weekend.  Sadly, my Beloved had to go into work on Monday for a few hours, as this is a very busy time of year for him and he's had to spend a lot of time training a new staff member instead of tackling the big projects that need to be done by the end of the month.  I'm afraid that I gave him a rough time about it... I had just been looking forward to spending some time together doing things that we want to do, rather than things that we have to do (like shopping, errands, chores, etc).  Our weekends are always so busy, that when we get a little extra time just to be, I cherish it.  Add to that, the fact that I don't get out of the house much during the winter and well, I turned into a mega biotch about the whole thing. 

We did manage to make a little progress on my ever growing to-do list.  Our bedroom closet is now much more organized, and we are now utilizing the space under our bed for storage.  It means that I can now move ahead on the reorganizing and rearranging I need to do in the nursery, linen closet, and storage room.  My project for this week is to go through my ridiculous amount of crafting stuff and sort what's worth keeping and what it's time to part with.

On to this week's update...

How far along? 27w0d (only 11 weeks to go)

Maternity clothes? Of course.  I have to say, I love my caramel coloured cords.  They are so warm and comfy!  I'll miss them when I don't need them anymore. 

Body Oddities? VERY dry skin, alternating constipation and IBS flares, acne, bruises from insulin injections, back ache, cracking joints, super sore & slightly leaky boobs, dry/itchy eyes, leg cramps, round ligament pain, tingly fingertips, very tired, gassy, Braxton Hicks NEW THIS WEEK: obscenly hungry!

Sleep? I've been sleeping heavily, but I don't seem to be getting rested.  I've also been dreaming a lot (nothing terrible, thank heaven!) and I think I was talking in my sleep the other night. 

Intense Dreams?  Like I said, no bad dreams this week, but just strange stuff.  Like one in which I was carrying around a huge jar of mayonaise.  I have no idea why, but I had to lug that thing everywhere.  Crazy!

Best moment this week? When Ginny blew me kisses on her way to bed the other night.  First time!

Worst moment? Burned mashed potatoes, iced tea everywhere, arguing with my Beloved... need I say more?

Movement? A lot.  I think this Halfling is finally getting ready to turn itself vertical.  I have felt a few more kicks above my belly button lately, and when he/she isn't testing the waters vertically, he/she's pushing on my hip bones trying to make more room. 

Food cravings/aversions? Other than being ridiculously hungry all the time, I'm totally craving pineapple.  I don't normally care for it, but now... man oh man, the thought of some ice cold chunks of pineapple just makes me drool.  In terms of aversions, the smells of raw meat are bugging me again.  That lamb on Valentine's Day was awful while I was prepping it, and the beef I used for yesterday's soup smelled icky too.

Rings?  I really don't think they're going to be on for much longer. 

Gender? Still leaning toward it being a girl.  Make sure to let me know what you think... and answer the poll on the right. (you all have been pretty evenly divided up to now)

Medical Concerns? Gestational Diabetes (insulin 5 times a day), High blood pressure (on 50mg of lobetalol 3x daily), continued heartburn (on 60mg of Pan.taloc daily), kidney stones (they're back!), low lying placenta.

What I miss? Being able to walk outside without fear of falling (always in the back of my mind, but especially so in the winter), walking without waddling

What I look forward to? not being so obsessed about food (I know I'm a foodie, but this past week has been ridiculous!), my next ultrasound (March 7), meeting this little person

Emtional State?  Mostly ok, but when the biotch comes out... yikes!


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy and completing your family. It's always rough when the hubby is out of town or busy but at least it makes us treasure the times we do get. :)

    {from ICLW} Lavonne @ *Our Wish*

  2. Good luck with all your organizing - 11 weeks will go by so fast!

  3. Thanks for the stroller thoughts. I actually have a Graco tandem stroller, and I hate it, although I loved it when the kids were smaller. It's not that hard to steer, and it fits everywhere, just about. It would probably work well for you. But for me, now the kid in the back beats up the kid in the front and it's a bit of a disaster. I don't think a Sit N Stand type stroller would work for me, they need to be contained. I like the side-by-side as an idea, but yeah, they don't fit well through doorways or in crowded areas. A lightweight double umbrella would be nice, but they're a lot more expensive than the singles ones, and they generally don't have much storage space. I don't know what the solution is. I'm considering trying to put one of them in the ergo and use a single umbrella stroller more often.

    But anyway - I can't believe you're almost there!

  4. Wow, I can't believe you are so far through this pregnancy already. You do know how happy I am for you, right?

  5. Visiting from ICLW. Congrats on your 2nd pregnancy!! Enjoy the pineapple!!!!

  6. Happy ICLW... Congrats on your pregnancy... You at least have an excuse for being a biotch.. I am just one :)

  7. I don't ever remember being as moody with my previous pregnancies as I am with this one. I can't wait to be myself again!

    I hope your hubs can manage to carve out some time with you soon. It's hard when they work so much. :(

  8. Happy ICLW!

    That sucks that hubby had to work...I feel the same way about family time. We seem to be so busy all the time.

  9. What kind of job does your Ent have?

    ICLW #6


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