Monday, February 27, 2012

Ginevra @ 15 Months

Evening Humble Readers!

I hope you all are well!  Things in our hobbit-hole are warm, cozy, and garlic scented.  I spent part of today making a big batch of my homemade marinara sauce (soon to be a feature on Foodie Fridays) and it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. 

Hangin' out at Gramma's place
As always, when the 27th of the month approaches, I am surprised that another month has flown by.  Ginny is 15 months old today and continuing to astound us with all of her busy-ness.  And of course, she's into everything!

Reorganizing Mommy's books
Helping with the laundry
Ginny's vocabulary, while it hasn't grown by leaps or bounds or anything, is showing signs of improvement.  She's only added one real word (ball) this month, but there is some forward momentum.  When she's hungry, she starts saying "num-num-num" and something that sounds a lot like "tickle-tickle" (she even tries to tickle her own toes... too funny!).  A few time's she's said something that sounds like 'sippy' in reference to her cup.  Her babbling has also taken on a bit of a different tone, too.  She seems to be using more hard consonant sounds (G, T, K, D) whereas before she was primarily focused on B's and P's.  She also seems to be trying to mimic things we say (words like gate and car are sounding closer and closer to the real thing) and sounds we make (particularly when I sing Old MacDonald and I make the piggy snort sounds, or when I pretend to be sleeping and I snore loudly). 

Guess who was eating chocolate goldfish crackers?
She's learned how to climb stairs (at church, as they are the only 'safe' stairs in our lives right now) and has figured out how to climb up onto the couch, particularly if I'm eating something (she's quite the little mooch!).  Her taste pallate has grown to include tortellini, zucchini, hummus, and several kinds of cheese.  She loves spaghetti, strawberries, and has just tried pineapple for the first time.  She's also discovered the wonders of goldfish crackers (they're the new cheerios, don't you know!). 

All ready for church!
Ginny's become the queen of non-verbal communication.  She points at all sorts of things and has learned a very cute form of a shoulder shrug (usually used when I ask her where one of her toys is, as if to say 'I dunno').  She's also figured out how to blow kisses, which she does usually at night when my Beloved takes her for her bedtime routine.

Blowing kisses at Mommy
We have seen a new phenomenon, something that strongly indicates that Ginny's very much a Daddy's girl.  Unless we are very intentional about keeping her distracted, she gets seriously upset when my Beloved leaves for work in the morning.  She will try to take his shoes, even his briefcase, and run off with them.  And when he opens the door to leave, the waterworks start.  Funny how she doesn't freak out whenever I leave her at home with Daddy....

Hanging out by the gate
Ginny's become a fan of corners and small places.  She's always liked to try to get under the end tables, but now she's obsessed with hanging out under my Beloved's desk, which wouldn't be bad, except for being able to get at the power cords for his computer, lamp, etc.  Another of her favourite places is to hang out right by the baby gate in the hall.  She will take all her stuffies, her sippy cup, and the kitchen towel (if she can get at it) and camp out in front of the gate.  It's very cute. 

She's quickly outgrowing some of her 12 month clothes, particularly pants (too short), and she's gone up to a size 4 in shoes.  One frustration I still have with clothing her is that she has no belly or hiney to speak of, and all the pants that are long enough to fit her are far too big around the waist.  Overalls are still her primary wardrobe staple.  No new teeth this month, but we have had some teething signs, so I'm thinking we're due for another round of sore gums and fussiness soon.  I haven't measured her recently, but she's up to 21.5 pounds.  She's also graduated to a forward facing car seat, and the first time she rode in it, I swear she was freaked out by the sensation of being able to see things coming at her. 

All in all, a busy month for our wee sweet girl.  Part of me keeps on wishing that she would slow down in her growth, so that I could keep her wee for just a little while longer, but I know that can't be.  So instead, I will have to celebrate all the new and exciting little steps that come along in her life.


  1. Don't you wish we could bottle them up and keep them small forever??!!!
    She is so adorable!

  2. Ruby started blowing kisses a few weeks ago. So. Stinking. ADORABLE! I swear, when she tells me "I love you" for the first time I might just melt into a puddle on the floor!

    Ginny is so, so sweet!


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