Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ginevra @ 14 Months

SHey Humble Readers...

So it's been a couple of months since I posted some pics of our wee sweet girl and Ginevra is growing and changing by leaps and bounds...

Like I mentioned recently, she's walking and practically running every which way all the time.  She still loves her Stanley (her stuffed puppy) and we can't go anywhere without him.  The only place he doesn't go is in bed with her.  She has a special bedtime bear for that.  One day, shortly after we got home from K-town, Ginny was in the kitchen, sitting on the floor and crying her little heart out.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I realized that sometime earlier in the day I had set Stanley on the counter and she could see him, but she couldn't reach him.  It was tragic!  :)  Other toys that are favourites are her talking teapot and her Leap Frog picnic basket. 

Her talking, or lack thereof, is starting to concern me a little.  She has a few words (baby, dada - which applies to everyone, bear, puppy) and she babbles non-stop.  I don't know if I should really be concerned, or just let it ride.  My Beloved, when he was small, didn't talk much at all until he was five.  His parents had just made plans for testing for him when all of a sudden he started talking.  I'm probably just worrying over nothing.

Ginevra is a good little eater, most of the time.  She's developed this new habit of taking things out of her mouth to examine them mid-chew.  She loves potatoes, rice, pasta (with sauce), peas, corn, tomatoes, grapes, meatloaf, chicken, pork chops, tilapia, scrambled eggs, applesauce, pears, bananas, plums, sweet potatoes, yoghurt, peanut butter, grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup (with lots of crackers), cheerios, oatmeal, and gold fish crackers.  She's also discovered the wonders of french fries with ketchup.  Mama (my mom) introduced her to the world of chocolate and rice pudding while we were out visiting them.  Really the only food still on the no-fly list is carrots.  I try them with her every now and then, and they just don't go down.  We're going to be attempting to let her start to feed herself (with utensils) soon. 

She LOVES tv commercials.  It's actually quite funny.  She'll be off playing, and whatever I'm watching will go to commercial and she'll come running.  Particular favourites are the coke commercial with the polar bears and the Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers commercials. 

Ginny needs another haircut desparately, but it just hasn't worked into the schedule recently.  She has 7 teeth right now, with another three or four that are giving her grief right now.  Her nap schedule is still pretty wonky, like today... she went down for her morning nap at 10am and it's now almost 4 hours later and she's still asleep.  And speaking of sleep, she loves to have her blanket over her head while she sleeps.  Of course it freaks me out a bit, so I always move it, but by morning it's always back over her head. 

Ginevra gets so excited when we go outside, even in the bitter cold.  She still hates wearing socks and shoes so it always makes getting dressed to go out a bit of a challenge.  She loves hanging out by the window on really cold days and watching her breath fog up the glass. 

She's an adventurous soul.  She's figured out that she can stand on top of some of her toys when she's in the play-pen she can stand higher and reach farther.  Because the only stairs we have here are the outdoor concrete steps, I haven't allowed her to try climbing yet.  She has also figured out how to turn herself around and slide off the couch. 

All in all, she's a healthy happy little girl.  She's the light of our lives and I am so thankful that God has blessed us with our little honeybear. 


  1. Miss Ginny sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Also, as far as her talking, start giving her specific instructions and see what she understands. I'm sure she knows more than she says. The only thing I might do if I were in your shoes is have her hearing checked.

  2. Lovely post about the little miss! Makes me look forward to mine even more! :)

  3. Ohymygosh. She is just so adorable!

  4. Wow a 4 hr nap!!! I would be happy if my 23 month old would nap for 2 hrs.

  5. K still doesn't talk and she's over 2. She has a couple words and babbles in her own language incessantly, but she does understand what we're saying and can show her agreement or displeasure at will. Try not to worry. :)


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