Monday, November 21, 2011

Mini Celebrations

Hey Humble Readers...

I wracked my brain trying to come up with some really cute ICLW intro, but I'm tapped out.  Instead I have a few celebrations to share with you all...
  • The Steadfast Warrior of Destined to be An Old Woman With No Regrets is back!!  And writing from Scotland!  Woohoo! 
  • Carrie of Tubeless in Seattle has also reappeared!  How can her triplets be two???
  • I have had three days in the last week where my morning blood sugars were at or nearly at target!  (is it sad that my happiness is tied to the numbers on my glucose meter?)
  • After much angst, I have finally found the jars I need for one of my Christmas crafts.  Not exactly what I wanted, but they will work!
  • I made my best version of my black bean salad ever tonight.  It was so good that I ate the leftovers when I woke up from my after-dinner snooze.  Thank heaven it's all good healthy stuff!
What are you celebrating tonight?

PS - please check out yesterday's post.  I'm looking for input and advice.  Thanks!

1 comment :

  1. Hi from ICLW!
    Congrats on your pregnancy! And now I'm craving black bean salad, thank you ;)


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