Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Big Wee Day

Hey Humble Readers...

Today was a pretty big day for our wee sweet girl...

First, she managed to stand up on her own... in the middle of the room, without having to hang onto anything.  She's been trying for so long, and has been able to get her hiney up in the air, but couldn't quite figure out how to actually stand.  In fact there was a period of time when I was sure that she would learn to do a somersault before she would stand up. 

And second... remember I mentioned that Ginny had a cold?  Well, she woke up this morning even more snotty and congested, so I rescheduled my doctors appointment thinking that I didn't really want to take her outside in the cold and snow.  Turns out that she doesn't have a cold at all... she has a new tooth!  I knew that kids could get a runny nose when they're teething, but wow... This is her first tooth on the top, third tooth overall (I was beginning to think that she was going to have to go through elementary school with only two teeth).  It must have just cut through this morning because it wasn't there yesterday. 

So what big wee things, or wee big things are happening in your world?

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