Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 Weeks: Slowly Waking Up... Maybe?

Hey Humble Readers...

I hope you're all doing well and that you had a fun Halloween weekend.  We had fun taking Ginny out for her first trick or treating adventure. 

On the pregnancy front I'm feeling more human every day now, which of course then brings angst of the "oh-my-gawd-do-I-still-feel-pregnant?" variety.

How far along? 11w0d

Maternity clothes? Not yet.  I am noticing a few changes in my body already tho. 

Body Oddities? M/s has eased off almost completely (only really hits if I get too hungry which can be hard to balance with the GD), dry skin, periods of extreme fatigue (altho it is getting a bit better), alternating constipation and IBS flares, constant hunger, acne, bruises from insulin injections, back ache

Sleep? Also improving, but still not perfect. I still have to nap at least once a day, and I'm usually fading by 8pm.  I have been able to sleep for longer stretches at night, altho the fact that I've been attempting to increase my water intake has had an impact on my sleep.  Also, I'm starting to find it difficult to get into a good position to sleep... I'm a tummy sleeper, and that's starting to become uncomfortable these days.

Best moment this week? Totally not pregnancy related... taking Ginny trick or treating last night.

Ginny the BumbleBee & My Beloved

Worst moment? Having my blood sugars tank while at a very stressful meeting at church on Sunday.  Not cool!

Movement? Not yet, but I'm so aware of every little twinge in that area that I'm constantly debating "movement or IBS?"

Food cravings/aversions? Still longing for spicy foods... we have buffalo chicken burgers once a week now.  I'm also obsessing about cookies, and I know it's entirely because I can't have them.  Cottage cheese is still on the no-fly list.  I'm also struggling with water... I am normally a water person, but I just don't want to drink it these days.

Rings? Still on, and still loose.

Gender? Not going to find out, but I'm leaning toward 'girl' this time around. (which, of course, means that it will be a boy)

Intense Dreams? Yes, mostly about things I'm worried about forgetting... like getting my bloodwork done on time for my NT scan, and booking the photographer for Ginny's first birthday pics.

Medical Concerns? On 200mg of prometrium 2x a day until 12wks (almost done... yay!), Gestational Diabetes (insulin 5 times a day... levels almost settled for now), High blood pressure (on 100mg of lobetalol 3x daily), continued heartburn (on 150mg of zan.tac 2x daily)

What I miss? Sweets (only because I can't have them), energy, being able to eat whatever whenever I want (not having to wait until my next blood sugar check)

What I look forward to? My NT scan in 13 days, finishing the prometrium, getting started on making my Christmas gifts

Emotional State? Pretty mellow, with occasional bouts of frustration at being tired out.  There are so many things I want to get done right now, but I'm lucky if I can get dinner on the table most days

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