Friday, October 28, 2011

Ginevra @ 11 Months

Hey Humble Readers,

Check me out!  Two posts in a week!  I'm exhausted but it's important for me to write this post.  I missed last month, and I'm totally kicking myself. 

I wanna learn to play the drums!
Ginny is such a big girl now.  Looking at pictures of her from when she was a newborn tears at my heart a little, because she's grown and changed so much.  Oh, and she loves looking at pics of herself... she's obsessed with the little photo albums we have filled with pics of her. 

She talks up a storm now.  She says baby and daddy really clearly, and mumumum (that's me) and pup-eeeee anytime she sees a dog.  She babbles to herself constantly, especially when I put her down in her crib for quiet/nap time. 

Mama and Ginny and whipped cream... bad Mama!
She has a huge appetite and eats like a horse.  She loves just about everything, except carrots.  We don't have to mash up her food too much any longer, and she adores her yogurt in the morning.  Other favourites include quinoa, chicken, cheese, grapes, tomatoes, roast beef, broccoli.  Oh, and don't get me started on cheerios!  I swear they put something addictive in them for wee ones.  She just tried mushrooms for the first time this week and was intrigued.  I've also started to transition her from formula to whole milk.  She prefers to drink from a straw or sippy cup now, rather than a bottle. 

Look at those eyes
She's a total ham in front of the camera.  As soon as she sees it in my hand she grins like a fool and shows off her 2 little teeth.  Still no sign of the others making an appearance, although she has been drooling again and has recently had a bout of diaper rash.

Good stuff!
She's 19 pounds, and tall.  Pants that fit the length of her legs fall off her waist.  I got her a bunch of overalls just so she can have some pants that stay up.  She sleeps from 8pm to sometime between 6-8am almost every night, although naps are shorter than they used to be and are less consistent.

Nap-time with Daddy
Ginny has two favourite tv shows (please don't lecture me about wee ones and tv.  I know, I know).  She loves the weather report on the news, particularly the satellite images.  And on Saturday mornings she loves watching "The Littlest Hobo", a really poorly done Canadian tv show from the '70s & '80s about a german shepherd dog that roams around saving people and solving mysteries.  She just loves that dog.  She gets so excited when it comes on that she practically hyperventilates. 

On the move
Ginny will walk a few steps at a time before falling to her knees or butt and then crawling at hyperspeed, usually toward something that she's not supposed to touch.  She's addicted to pulling books off the book shelves and pushing buttons on the tv, remote, phone, and dvd player. 

Mommy!  Turn off the light!  Too bright!
She has two comfort objects... the first is the green blanket that knitted for her while I was pregnant with her.  Sadly, she's pulled a couple of really big snags in it that I can't seem to fix, so I may have to spend some time knitting her a new blankie.  Ginny's other comfort object is a we.bk.inz dog (a little golden retriever) named Stanley.  He goes everywhere with her. 

Who me?  I'm not up to nuffin'...

Did I mention, she's a climber?
My honeybear can be a little monkey at times.  There's only one cupboard in the kitchen that doesn't have a lock on it, and it happens to be the cupboard where my Beloved keeps his breakfast cereal.  She's figured out how to open the door and can grab the cereal.  She also loves tearing apart the shoe rack by the front door and 'helping' when I'm folding laundry by taking the nicely folded clothes out of the basket and dumping them on the floor. 

Everything tastes better from Mommy's cup
Ginny hates socks... but she comes by that naturally.  I look at them as a necessary evil.  She's lost more socks in the last two months than I have in a lifetime. 

Flyin' with Daddy
She's happy and healthy, and very active.  Even though I'm struggling these days for energy to keep up with her, I wouldn't trade one tired moment of this life. 


  1. She has gotten so big! I love her snarkiness!

  2. She is so cute and getting so big ;) Love it!

  3. How can she almost be a year old already?! Wow! she is so adorable. I love all the pics of her and the little antics she gets up to! She will be a great big sister to your new lil babe! What's the countdown to the NT scan??

  4. What adorable pictures! We let ours watch TV, too. But it's really sporadic. I think it's totally ok, especially when you just NEED a little bit of down time. I especially like the picture Ginny in her crib with the bright lights!

  5. Lovely! Ginny is a gorgeous little girl.

    I loved her standing in the crib pic a lot.

    And happy 10 weeks+....wishing you a safe pregnancy!


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