Monday, September 12, 2011

A Good News-Bad News Kind of Day

Hey Humble Readers...

So, I'm still kind of vibrating from our discovery yesterday (if you haven't read yesterday's post, please do so now). 

I was 100% certain that we had missed the egg.  Then throw in the crazy sunburn I got right at O time and then the doozy of a cold that we all had.  Well, I thought that this cycle was a write off.  I was never happier to be wrong!

As I mentioned yesterday, first on today's to do list was to call Dr U and Dr B to arrange for blood tests and a prescription for the prometrium (progesterone) suppositories.  Well, I called Dr U first, as he is the miracle worker, wonder doctor with the best bedside manner I have ever encountered.  When I got through to his office I was shocked and dismayed to learn that the good Dr U has packed up and moved to Australia!  The new receptionist for the new doctor who took over his practice was really condescending ("Well dear, you need to call your regular doctor first.  We don't take just any old pregnant lady.  Your regular doctor will know if you need to see Dr W"). 

So I called Dr B's office and was able to get in today.  I was very nervous... afraid that I had just imagined that line yesterday, or that he would tell me that he didn't want to give me the prometrium or an early u/s because everything turned out ok last time.

But every now and then, Dr B surprises me.  As soon as he came in the room he told me that their test confirmed my pregnancy and that he wanted me on prometrium right away.  We talked about my EDD (May 23rd) and my first u/s (Oct 5).  We discussed how to tackle the dreaded GD issue (testing early and often) and he was even open to my request for a new OB (I did some research this morning after I found out about Dr U's departure and have a short list of options).  I go for blood work tomorrow and again on Tuesday next week.  It's unlikely that I'll get my beta numbers until my appointment on Thursday next week, as that's just how his office works. 

So... here I am.  Pregnant.  Wow.

Symptom-wise things are pretty mellow.  Sore b00bs, mild cramps, brief flashes of nausea, fatigue, and new this time around, a very dry mouth.  Because Ginny and I walked to Dr B's office and then to my Beloved's office, I now have two very ugly blisters on my foot.  Oh well.  I'm still in a great mood. :)