Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ginevra @ 8 Months

Good Morning Humble Readers...

Ginny rockin' the bikini!  (Auntie S hiding behind)
Like every month, I am truly astonished that so much time has passed.  Here we are, eight months into this grand adventure, and I honestly can't imagine life without my wee girl.  (Fair warning: this is a long post, with lots of pics, as I'm talking about my favourite subject... Ginevra!  And my favourite pic is at the end of the post, so you have to read all the way tot he end)

Bath Time!!!
She's growing so much, and everyday she's learning something new.  Just this morning she started making clicking noises with her tongue on the roof of her mouth.  It was hilarious!  (or rather, it was until she started doing it while I was trying to feed her her cereal and strawberry/kiwi applesauce).  She's actually sitting by the window right now clicking away...

Hanging out in her 'toy box'
Ginny's pulling herself up on the furniture and surfing allong the couch and sides of the coffee table.  She still hasn't figured out how to take corners yet, and often gets very upset when she gets to the corner of the coffee table and can't figure out how to get around it. 

Standing like a big girl
She's teething hardcore.  She did have a short go round early on, between 3 and 4 months, with lots of drool and some general fussiness, but then it stopped.  I found out from one of the nurses at the public health clinic that some babies go through teething this way, where the teeth come through the bone first, and then stop for a while and then they'll start coming through the gums.  Her gums are sooo white and I swear that first tooth is just seconds away from popping through.

Hanging out with 'THE GREAT' Uncle Homer
Ginny eats two solid food meals a day and is an amazingly good eater.  She still loves avacado and banana, but she has tried meat (roast beef ground up with some potato, parsnip and carrot, with a bit of gravy) with great success.  She has cut back on how much formula she drinks (about 25 ounces at the most) which has caused Mommy some angst, but she's still having all kinds of wet diapers and she doesn't look or act dehydrated so I guess all is well.  And don't get me started on poopy diapers now that she's established on solid food... pee-ewww-eee!

Our little fam
She sleeps really well at night, but napping has begun to be a challenge again.  She did great while we were in K-town, but now she just doesn't want to sleep during the day.  *sigh*  And I swear she has started having nightmares.  Ginevra will be in a sound sleep, and then all of a sudden she'll be screaming.  It takes a while to calm her down afterward, but she goes right back to sleep.  Odd...

Always on the go
The wee girl weighs in at just shy of 18 pounds and she still looks super tall to me.  The funny thing is, she's still able to wear some of her 3-6 month clothes (mostly onesies). 

Mommy, Ginny, and G.G.
She hates wearing shoes.  She loves her bath.  Her favourite toy right now is her stacking ball, but she still adores her Sofie giraffe and her plastic keys.  She's started turning pages in her books.  She crawls like a speed demon and is into everything.  I'm not the type of mom to pack everything away, I feel she has to learn what she can and can't touch.  (we did move a few things, just for safety reasons)  She has an immense attraction to part of our entertainment unit where we store our wii games and my workout dvds, and she loves the books on the lowest shelves of my bookcases.  It means that Mommy is constantly saying "No Ginny!" and moving her back to her toys. 

Mommy, Ginny, Daddy, Mama, G.G., Auntie S, and 'Felix'
And she waves.  Oh how she waves.  It is SO. DARN. CUTE!  She rarely waves at my Beloved or I, but she will wave at the people on the street, at people in pictures around our home, and at people on tv (she loves Rach.ael Ra.y and waves at Miss Rachael all the time. 

Ginny and her big cousin, Z-Man
Ginny has a big event this weekend.  She's going for her first haircut!  It's so time... If I don't put her hair up in a pig tail, then it's hanging in her eyes. 
Z-Man & Ginny in the pool


  1. She is so adorable! I can't believe it's been 8 months!!

    My little guy is drooling like crazy so I know his teeth are coming soon, who knows.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  2. cute pics! glad you are soo happy now!!


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