Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bloggity Summer Camp: A Sackful of Ass-vice

Hey Humble Readers...

So I'm waaaaaay late tonight... I'm sorry.  I was out "crafting" (read: shooting the breeze and drinking iced coffee with friends) and just got home a little while ago.  I didn't actually do any crafting, but that's okay.  After a day like today, I needed a break from my precious wee girl. 

I know that teething doesn't really get any better until it's over, but certainly once these first couple of teeth break through, it must ease a little... mustn't it?  (Lie to me, please)  It's affecting her appetite and her sleep patterns.  She napped a grand total of about 25 minutes today, and the rest of the time was either screaming or getting into things she shouldn't.  It was a very long day.

Anyway, over at Bloggity Summer Camp, Calliope from Creating Motherhood has asked us, "What is/are the best piece(s) of advice you’ve gotten or can give others? Do you consider yourself a blogger that people would take advice from? Why or why not?" 

The best piece of advice?  I could certainly tell you about a lot of terrible advice I received from well-meaning folks while we were trying to conceive and dealing with our losses.  From my loving mother telling me to stand on my head after sex to those who told me that it was for the best that my first two angel babies never made it... sooooo much garbage.  But the best? 

I would have to say it was a bit of pregnancy advice.  I don't even recall who told me this, but watermelon really does help with morning sickness. 

Am I a blogger that people would take advice from?  I don't really think so, but maybe.  I don't know what I could really offer advice on, except perhaps book or recipe recommendations.  I would like to think that maybe somewhere along the way I've offered some little piece of info that someone has found helpful. 


  1. I don't know what I can tell you about teething..Because little Miss Lulu starting teething right at 4.5 months, and STILL hasn't broken any teeth through. Some of these days have been big fun. Tell me, how long does these gosh darn teeth take!? My constant accessory? Drool. My cousin told me that after the first two, her son got immensely better w/the next one, so maybe there is hope? Also, you need to post some pics of the babe, it's been awhile =)

  2. Ugh sorry to hear about all the teething troubles. :S Sounds like loads of fun!! :S And I hear you about all the TTCing advice - "Just relax" and "Just adopt and then you'll get pregnant" are two of my personal faves. :P And I do take advice from you - books advice and food advice and TTC advice...lots! :)


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