Friday, July 22, 2011

Bloggity Summer Camp: Just a Wee Hobbit

Howdy Humble Readers...

When I was a little girl, I remember thinking that I could remember every day of my life.  Every single day.  And that I would never forget anything.  I would remember every conversation and every moment.  And maybe I did.  Back then, when I only had 7 or 8 years of experiences, it's possible that I remembered all sorts of things that escape me now. 

Today at Bloggity Summer Camp, Calliope has asked us, "What is your most beloved childhood memory? I’d love it if you shared a photo of yourself as a child with this post!"

As I pondered this question, I honestly struggled to find a 'beloved' memory.  While my childhood definitely had its dark moments, there were also happy times, funny moments that live in the recesses of my brain. 

There was the time when I was just a wee hobbit, sitting on the floor in our living room watching the Show, eating pumpkin pie.  My bio-dad said something to me, and I turned to look at him and somehow managed to stick my foot in my pumpkin pie.  I was four years old

There was the time when I was trapped in an outhouse by a flock of wild turkeys while we were camping.  I was eight. 

There was the time my bio-mom sent me to the store across the street for a loaf of bread.  I had only just learned to cross the street by myself.  We lived on a main drag in that little town, but at the far end, where there was almost no traffic.  Apparently, I stood there for quite some time because if I saw a car three blocks away, I wouldn't cross.  When I finally did cross, I raced into the store, grabbed the bread and ran out.  It wasn't until I was all the way back across the street that I realized I was still holding the money that my bio-mom gave me.  I had to go back across the street, AGAIN to pay for the bread and then finally go home.  What should have taken no more than 10 minutes took me more than a half hour.  And apparently my bio-mom was standing in the tub looking out the bathroom window of our apartment watching me the whole time.  I was five.

There was the time, while my bio-mom was pregnant with my bio-sister, that we were crossing the street in a busy downtown area.  Bio-mom was less than a month away from her due date.  We were crossing the street, and suddenly I remember lying on the ground, with my bio-mom on top of me.  She had fallen, twisted her ankle, and landed on me.  I remember the old man who jumped out of his car to help us up.  I remember his big boat of a car and his light blue suit.  He helped us to the other side of the street and my bio-mom thanked him.  In later years I found out that she thought she had only sprained her ankle, and would walk it off.  She had many things to do in preparation for the arrival of my bio-sister, and didn't want to give up that particular outing.  Of course, true to form for my family, she had actually broken her foot and ended up giving birth while wearing a big heavy plaster cast.  I was almost three.

Calliope has asked for a picture from when I was wee... I found three.  You'll notice a bit of a glare, as these are pictures of pictures, all from one of my scrapbooks.  You may also notice a resemblance to another wee little hobbit girl... :)


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