Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bloggity Summer Camp: Failed (and the Mundane Reasons Why)

Hey Humble Readers...

I was doing so good.  I wrote almost a month's worth of posts, and was three days away from saying I did it.  *sigh*

Friday was a great day, for the most part, but then at around 4pm I got what I can only describe as a weather-triggered migraine, or something like one.  We had a major but short-lived thunderstorm blow through at around 3:30, and as soon as it was over a half hour later I was in agony.  Light and sound sensitivity, nausea and dizziness... Not fun.  The kicker is, 4pm is about the beginning of Ginny's cranky time of day.  Bad combo. 

By the time my Beloved got home an hour and a half later I was done.  I handed over the baby and that was it for the night... so no Foodie Fridays post, no Bloggity Summer Camp post, and somehow I forgot to do my On The Nightstand post.  Like I said, *sigh*

Yesterday was full... Ginny's haircut (turned out great!), spent some time at my bookstore, and then we had a family-sized nap.  It was great.  And so I remained generally unplugged for the day.  Today was busy with church, grocery shopping, and making a fun dinner (pork souvlaki, greek potatoes and greek salad). 

Tomorrow is a new day and a new month (and a holiday for many of us north of the 49th parallel).  My Beloved is going to take the wee girl out with him for an hour or so tomorrow so that I can do my first ever dvd without an audience (how great is my hubby?).  And then I'm just planning on puttering around the house. 

SOOOOOooo, now that I've bored you to tears, it's time for something fun... go sign up for Sock It To Me!  (click on that groovy button on the upper right)  Seriously... go do it!  All the cool kids are doing it, and you know you want to be a joiner!  :)

And one last random thing... Happy 31st b-day Harry Potter!  (yeah, I'm that geeky)


  1. We are both that geeky then!! LOL! :P I am so sorry to hear about your migraine. That's awful. My DH gets them quite often and they are terrible. And I love Zumba, it will be so fun for you! Can't wait for the next On the Nightstand post - I love those - you know I love a good book post. I think I may post some books currently on my nightstand that I am reading for an entry while I am gone on holidays, if that's okay?? I will give you all the credit for your fab idea. In fact, maybe we should start a club?? I'll be member #1. Happy long weekend!!

  2. Um, how is Harry Potter 31? He's younger then me and I'm only 26. So confused...
    I'm so sorry about your migraine, no fun! It is so wonderful that your husband steps up and helps out, what a great dad!


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