Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: In Like A Lion

Hey Humble Readers...

I know that I whine a lot about the weather, and really there's no point to it... BUT I have to say that even for Canada, this is getting ridiculous!  When my Beloved left for work this morning it was -25C (-40C with the wind).  Our normal average temp this time of year is -3C.  And Environment Canada just released their forecast for the next three months, and they are saying to expect a slow, cold spring.  Argh!  I just want to get out and go for walks!

Confession time... after my initial huge weightloss after Ginny was born, things plateaued big time, and in the last few weeks things have started going in the other direction.  The fact that I'm baking more often now isn't helping things, that's for sure.  I need to get more active.  I have been really intrigued by Zumba, but a gym membership isn't in the budget just now, so I went looking for dvds.  Couldn't find anything online called Zumba, except for a book.  In the end, I decided on a dance workout dvd done by one of the Dancing With The Stars pros.  We'll see how it goes. 

My Beloved is getting kinda antsy about Jeopardy.  He spends part of every evening brushing up on trivia and he talks about it all the time.  It's really kind of cute.  I'm not looking forward to being apart from him for three days (I know I'm a wuss), but I am hoping that above all this is just a great experience for him.  Of course, if he does well and ends up on the show, well, that wouldn't be a bad thing either. 

I have a question for all the moms out there... more specifically those of you who had heartburn during pregnancy.  Did your heartburn go away?  Ever?  I've tried to wean myself off the Zan.tac, but I'm hurting here.  I'm going to be seeing Dr. B in a couple weeks... I just don't want to be on meds for this for the rest of my life. 

I've been feeling some twinges that are making me think that AF might be fixing to make a come back.  I find I'm actually looking forward to it, because I want to see what my cycle is like now.  Will it be the same as before?  Will my luteal phase miraculously reset to what it should be?  Or wil there be new and scary changes?  I'm planning on a going a cycle or two with out the supplements that I took to extend my luteal phase (b-vitamins, baby aspirin, etc), just to see where things are at.  We're hoping to be back at the ttc game by late spring/early summer.  This here hobbit ain't getting any younger.


  1. -25... wow - that's cold !! Best of luck with your cycle and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) Sharing the journey with you xo

  2. I'm not even going to comment on the weather!

    Weight loss: I also plateaued then have started gaining back little by little. Fortunately, I don't live on a glacier, so we're starting back walking soon.

    Heartburn: Was gone within 2 weeks of giving birth. If you're still having issues with it, maybe talk to your doc...

    AF: Mine JUST came back in Feb (Graham was 5.5 months) and so far it appears that the first cycle at least is not going to be normal. AF was really short (3 days) and I'm now on CD 18 with no signs of ovulation. But, I'm still BF'ing about the same amount as before we started solids, so it could be that mine isn't "really" back. But, I did feel twinges for a few weeks before AF came. We're kind of on the fence about getting back into TTC. On the one hand we aren't getting any younger. But, on the other G just got here. I hope you have awesomely good luck with TTC #2 :)

  3. -Holy FREEZING weather....Gal, I admire you. I could NOT tolerate the frigid temps long term!

    -Good luck with your weight loss. I too lost shortly after Em's birth, and then plateaued out.

    -I think it is SO awesome your hubby is auditioning for Jeopardy. Yay!

    -Sorry, I have no words of wisdom on heartburn as I didn't have it while PG. And I don't remember details about AF post-Emma... .because naive me didn't think we'd struggle getting PG again, so didn't chronicle things. Hindsight is 20/20. Doh!


  4. Hey babe,
    Gosh, it'd be great if you could visit. Our temps are in the high
    30's! (we use a different measurement system to you I think)
    As for the heartburn, yes I am one who has it constantly, pregnant or not. But mine wasn't that bad that I needed meds most of the time. There are natural things you can take like slippery elm, but then you might not be able to once you're TTC again? So I agree with seeing the doc.
    My AF post baby were pretty much regular, the only thing was the 2 weeks prior were really bad-PMT was 2x as bad as before! I ended up being told to take vitamin B6 by my GP as not just BB's but my armpits were sore...and I freaked out!! They WERE a lot less painful though, which was good while it lasted.
    I think you are on the right track with the b vitamins and baby aspirin...and BTW good luck to your Beloved although I'm sure it's still awhile away!

  5. Woops that was meant to read AF was less painful..not my bb's...LOL!!

  6. yikes that is COLD! hang in there! my mom has been doing Zumba at Curves and the Y and just loves it! I wish I could go but not in the cards right now. Trying to regain a friendship with my neglected treadmill instead.

  7. I am tired of this cold weather too! At least we know there will be an end in sight. It surely can't last forever. Right? :P

    Good luck with the heartburn and TTC - that will be here before you know it. :)

  8. OMGosh that is cold...I think the hubby would call it ball shriveling cold...LOL.

    My heartburn was a bitch while I was pregnant but disappeared right away after I gave birth.

    I can't wait to hear all about your hubby's Jeopardy experience. I am seriously jealous.

    Too bad AF is on her way back but I hope you have a short journey to halfling 2.0

  9. Weather is loony for you guys really! It is pretty sunny here, and I am loving it.

    AF kicked my ass and well, I am waiting for a normal cycle too. Am currently on Primolut N.

    Good Luck with everything.

  10. My HB disappeared within days of giving birth def. talk to your dr. Are you still BF'ing? AF may wait if you are...mine didn't return until baby boo was 9 months. Been beautiful clockwork - of course because DH had the big V!! First AF can be a real Biatch but the 2nd was light and easy. Oh and BF'ing will help the weight loss too, I'm down a total of 47 lbs only 23 away from my goal!!! :)

    ON has been chilly but not too bad but same prediction for a slow and miserable spring :( Boo! I want to get out and walk before I go back to work early Apr.

    Good Luck with ttcing! How exciting!! :)


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