Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have You Ever Wanted To...

really cause someone pain? 

Humble Readers, I'm not a violent person.  And I don't think I am a vindictive person, either.

But there is someone who, although I only know him indirectly, I really REALLY want to kick in the nads.  HARD.

This person has hurt a good friend despicably, hurt her while she's in the midst of other immense pain. 

It's not my place to tell her story, but my friend needs a lot of prayer and good thoughts sent her way right now.  And pray that if I ever see the a$$hole I won't do something I will regret. 

(I know this post is random, but I have been sitting on a well of anger all day, and I needed to vent a little)


  1. I don't know what this asshat did but, if they hurt a friend of yours, they have earned my enmity too. Praying for your friend.

  2. I'm also not a violent person, but there are a few people that I would seriously like to f-up. A few old work supervisors (from different companies), an ex-bf, and an ex-au pair. Oh man, just makes me SEETHE with anger. I need to go punch something now...

  3. Before anything...lots of hugs and vibes for your friend who is hurting so bad.

    And yes, I have despised somebody hard enough to want to kick him from the top of the stairs. But it was purely professional (ire).

    Hugs to her again.

    And you cool down, Miss.

  4. You are such a great friend. I am so sorry your pal got kicked when she is down. I totally understand the desire to punch this guy. Take care xxoo

  5. I actually encountered this feeling for the first time with STUDENTS last week... Not my students, mind you, but students who wronged another teacher.

    Sometimes when people do something so inhumane or awful, it is difficult NOT to want to "hurt them" back.

    Hugs to you as you simmer down.

  6. O've read my most recent post... :)

    I'm praying for your friend (and if you need an alibi for the a$$hole, I'll cover).

  7. Kuddos to you for being a loyal friend. Hopefully he gets his come-uppance soon.


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