Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 39: Can We Say 'Nesting'?

Good Afternoon Humble Readers!

Today's been busy so far, but I'm feeling good about it.  I went to my chiropractor, made a pot of soup, washed the bathroom towels, put away some hang to dry laundry, ordered our tickets for HP for tomorrow night, made 3 dozen shortbread cookies and 3 dozen meatballs, cleaned the bathroom & kitchen, cancelled my U/S that was scheduled for Thursday, and made some progress on decorating the house for Christmas.  I don't know where all this energy came from, but I'm taking advantage of it. 

A minor frustration on the GD front... I am almost certainly going to be done with insulin by the end of this coming weekend.  BUT I have had to shell out for testing strips ($70), needles ($25), and a full prescription for my Humulin-N ($20) this week.  Grrrrr... I know we'll get 80% back with our insurance, but still it sucks. 

Here's the last of my weekly updates... hard to believe we're here.

How far along? 39w0d

Maternity clothes?  I've switched over to some of my bulky winter sweaters this week in deference to the cold weather.  They don't look all that great, but at least I'm staying warm.  Nursing bras arrived finally...

Body Oddities?  My joints are cracking and popping like mad.  Lots of pressure in my groin.  Occasional mild nausea and diarrhea.  Definitely lost part of my mucous plug the other day (TMI - it looked like the biggest clump of ewcm EVER).  Nothing really in the contraction department, just some low-grade menstrual types of cramps.  My pre-existing stretch marks are getting really dark.  My weight has gone up a bit in the last couple of days, but I've been getting lax in my low-carb/low-sugar endeavours, so that probably explains at least part of it. 

Sleep? Not sleeping well at night most of the time, but I'm not as tired during the day.  I think it's the nesting instinct kicking in.  I've had a bit more energy the last few days.

Best moment this week?  Not a specific moment, but more of a feeling.  I feel ready for this little one to make his/her appearance. 

Worst moment? Getting my membranes stripped was no fun.  And just the general achiness from when I overdo it.

Movement? Seems to have picked back up.  He/she's been moving a lot again.  We killed an hour the other day just watching my belly move.  It's insane.  I can't believe I only have a few more days of feeling it.

Food cravings?  Ok... here's the ridiculous thing.  I want a Kri.spy Kr.eme donut more than anything.  The closest KK store?  Two hours away.  And no, my fellow Canadians, Timmy's just won't do.  Other than that, I'm just hungry ALL THE TIME!

Rings? Off... and they'll be staying off now for a while. I tried them on the other day, and they do fit, I'm still just scared of them getting stuck on my finger.  Soon enough I'll have them back on.

Gender? Not going to find out, but I think it's a boy.  According to the poll on the right, you guys are pretty split on it.  Only one vote difference...

Intense Dreams?  Okay, the craziest delivery dream of the week... I dreamt that I was sitting on the couch and I could feel the baby moving around inside me.  The Halfling pressed his/her foot against my belly and I could grab onto the heel.  Then all of a sudden, I was able to start pulling his/her foot, then the leg, then a little backside out RIGHT THRU MY BELLY!  Now here's where it gets really weird... I heard my Beloved coming down the hall, and I was worried that he would be upset that he missed the birth, so I pushed the baby back inside, and my stomach sealed over.  Absolutely insane!

Medical Concerns? High blood pressure (on 50mg Trandate/Lobetalol, 3 times a day), Gestational Diabetes (actually doing really well, except for the occasional low), on prescription Zan.tac for heartburn. Being induced on November 25th.

What I miss? Sleep, free and easy movement, being able to go more than an hour without having to pee.

What I look forward to?  My mom getting here on Wednesday, meeting this little person, not having to poke myself with needles several times a day (the bruises from my insulin are disgusting... should be off insulin by 72 hours after delivery), not having to pee on little strips of paper every morning (to check my ketones).

Emotional State?  This is interesting.  I alternate between mild anxiety and total excitement.  There is a part of me that is honestly still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Every movement reassures me a little bit more, but that worried little voice is still there.


  1. Total nesting, LOL. It would take me a week to do all of that! And I can't wait to stop peeing on sticks, either. I have to do the ketone thing, too. I can't believe how soon you will see your Halfling! Aaahhhh!

  2. Lol, love the dream. That was great :) My stretch marks remain in "pissed off" mode but haven't got any larger. Which I am SO grateful for.

    Way to get a whole bunch of stuff done. You're like Super Woman :)

  3. Loved the dream - I had an aliens kind of dream myself! and I don't miss the ketone strips one bit! I hope your delivery is smooth, but most importantly I pray for a safe and healthy arrival of your little halfling :)

  4. I craved Krispy Kreme doughnuts while I was pregnant with Joey. Vic and Marty drove 45 minutes one way to bring me back a fresh box of doughnuts.

    I am so excited for you.

  5. Crazy dream! Think you might be ready to meet your sweetie?!! :)

  6. Whoa! You managed to accomplish so much!!!

    That dream is so bizarre, but I guess 'tis the season for bizarre.

    Hope you BP stays more reined and the insurance coughs up soon. All in all, its like 'any day now'.

    Good Luck!

  7. I totally get the KK craving too. There were so many sweet things I was desperate for once the pregnancy was over!! I am sorry the GD is being such a pain, bruising you AND emptying your pockets-that's just not fair! But yay that your person is nearly here !!!!
    Take care

  8. oh my god, are you serious? 39 weeks! I'm so so so excited for you and it sounds like things are moving along <3 I can't wait for your announcement.


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