Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 23: A YouTube Video & Some Ramblings

Howdy Humble Readers!

Today has been another productive day at the hobbit-hole.  I did most of my housework this morning, made a cinnamon loaf (not one of my best... I tried making it with whole wheat flour and it was just a little too dense), my lovely friend R came by for a visit, and then Beloved and I even went a-costco-ing tonight.  Of course, now I'm on the couch for the rest of the night because I'm pooped.  Poor Beloved gets to put away all our groceries all by himself. 

One teeny-tiny vent... when we got to Cos.tco, I had a very specific list of things I was looking for.  I tend to buy most of my meat there because the quality and prices are good.  My plan was to stock up on our basic items so that we won't have to head back out there for a few weeks at least.  So, we get to the meat department and not only did they not have any tilapia (which can be hit or miss for them), but they also didn't have any ground beef.  How can Cos.tco not have ground beef?  I got really irritated at that.  Then I went to get some ravioli... and they had every kind of ravioli imaginable, EXCEPT for beef or sausage.  They had ravioli stuffed with lobster, with goat cheese, with butternut squash, with chicken and garlic... all of which are good, but just not what I was looking for.  Beyond irritating!  *sigh*  Don't they know it's not good to piss off a pregnant woman? 

So, today's assignment is to share a youtube video.  I don't spend a lot of time on youtube, except when I'm looking for a good laugh.  I love good stand up comedy, especially when it's relatively clean.  And one thing that Canada is known for is our funny people... Jim Carrey, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers, Rick Mercer and Shaun Majumder just to name a few.  One of my new favourites is Russel Peters.  This guy is hysterical.  Yes, he does a lot of ethnic humour, but mostly at his own expense.  I hope you get a good chuckle...


  1. How dare Costco cheat you out of your ground beef and the ravioli you wanted!

    And, I got a good laugh from the video.

  2. NO ground beef?!? AT Costco?!?! WEIRD!!! I love the organic ground beef our Costco has already packaged in 1lb packages so I don't have to use the food saver on it.
    I have noticed lately that their ravioli selection has gotten rather gourmet than standard. We have also gotten sick off a couple of the ones we've tried. Sigh.
    I also love their big ole bag of mexican shredded cheese, that I do package up for freezing and I always have shredded cheese on hand.


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