Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 22: A Website & Some Hobbit-ish Potpurri

Hey Humble Readers!

Today's assignment is to share a website.  Of course I can't give you just one, so instead I'm going to give you three of the sites under my 'cooking' tab on my favourites list. - the ultimate in cooking websites!  If you can't find a recipe to work for you there, then you hate food.  It's got great articles and teaching videos too! - Ree just rocks!  She publishes new recipes a few times a week (all done step-by-step), does amazing giveaways (Le Cruset, KitchenAid, etc), and is hilarious!  She also posts about her day to day life, homeschooling, and photography. 

Tasty Kitchen - An off-shoot of Pioneer Woman, this is a great recipe sharing community site.  While it doesn't have the breadth of recipes that AllRecipes has, you get some great insights into the creators of the recipes. 

I also really dig the Sp.lenda, Kra.ft, Campb.ells, and Food Network sites.  Do you have any favourite recipe sites?

Today has been productive for us.  Beloved was off because it's Remembrance Day (see today's earlier post), so we were lazy this morning, but then got going after lunch.  Beloved installed the car seat (OMG!) and then we hit Wa.lmart to pick up some pics I had sent for printing, and Home De.pot for the hardware we need to finish the Halfling's room.  Once we got home, I started our supper (Ribs... yum!  The sauce recipe is one that I will NEVER EVER give away.  I would get killed by half my family).  Beloved is working on the bookcase that still needed to be painted, and I framed a bunch of pics.  I need to do some housework yet, but I'm feeling good about what we got accomplished.  My goal is to have my to do list done by the end of the weekend, so that I can do a little baking next week and then just rest.

I packed my hospital bag last night.  And a separate bag for Beloved (change of clothes, snacks, etc).  I would like to get the diaper bag packed for the baby tonight, but we'll see.  The bags are by the door now, just in case.  Talk about a dose of reality.

The braxton-hicks have come back, just as I suspected, with a vengance.  Last night I tried to stand up from the couch and I got hit with one that knocked me back on my butt.  They've been pretty intense ever since. 

The weather here on the flatland is still holding, but they are predicting snow starting next week.  I'm still crossing my fingers, tho.  I want the snow to stay away for another few weeks. 


  1. I didn't even think of packing a bag for AH. Duh! Thanks for the reminder! I'm installing the car seats this week. I feel especially motivated after AH has had multiple dreams about baby arriving early and my own fear/paranoia/feeling that he is going to be large and therefore early.

    Good luck getting everything done this weekend. Make sure you rest, you deserve it!

  2. Oh wow, you are so close. I am so very excited for you. Don't forget to take pics of the nursery. We need to see it.


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