Saturday, October 9, 2010

10 Lessons

Howdy Humble Readers...

Today has been a day of lessons learned.

Lesson #1
When your husband comes out of the nursery looking ashen, and you discover that he has just cracked one of the legs on the brand new crib, it does not make the situation any better when you (being the pregnant one) have a meltdown.  He really feels bad enough. 

Lesson #2
When you don't call the people who normally store your off-season tires for you, inevitably they won't be home when you stop by to drop off the recently-changed summer tires. 

Lesson #3
When you have a prescription on file for refills at the pharmacy at your doctor's office, without fail you will be running out on a long weekend and said pharmacy is closed for the whole damn weekend!  (it's not an important script... just my Zan.tac)

Lesson #4
It's important to remember that one's blood sugar is easily affected by one's emotional state, and to not allow the numbers on that stupid little screen beat you up.  (my two hour reading after breakfast was through the roof... with the only change from yesterday and the day before being my aforementioned meltdown)

Lesson #5
Never dismiss the peace that can be found window shopping.  And never be surprised by little blessings.  (I found somewhere that sells loose raspberry leaf tea, and the people who work there actually know what it's for and are actually knowledgeable)

Lesson #6
The further north of the 49th parallel you live, the harder it is to find things like corn bread mix at your grocery store.  This same lesson also applies to things like Old Bay seasoning, Rachel Ray cookware, and Nutter Butters.

Lesson #7
Never underestimate the power of a mini butter tart from Starbucks to perk you up... that and a venti glass of skim milk with sugar free hazelnut syrup. 

Lesson #8
If you are planning on doing a fair bit of shopping, it is wise to confirm that your wallet is really in your purse before you leave the house.  It's no fun to discover this at a checkout counter. 

Lesson #9
The size of your headache is always proportional to the number of lawn mowers running in your neighbourhood. 

Lesson #10
When you only get a combined total of 5 hours of sleep (even though you went to bed at 10:30), don't be surprised that you have a craptastic day.

But... it looks like things may be perking up.  The Roughriders have just pulled ahead of the Argos!  And raspberry leaf tea is actually pretty yummy!


  1. What a crummy day!

    If it helps, you can make your own Old Bay seasoning:

  2. Wow, what a crappy day. I am sorry.

  3. I'm sorry. :( That does sound pretty craptastic. Here's to a good day right around the corner!!

    Oh, and I vote for the Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake. YUM!!! When I had GD, my doc said it was totally okay to indulge every now and then. She said it's important to keep your blood sugar down *overall* but a spike here and there will be fine.

  4. Oooh, icky day! I am so sorry. Remember to breathe, sweet lady, and look forward to a fresh start the next day.

  5. That doesn't sound like a good day at all. {{{Hugs}}}

  6. oh no! that sugar free hazelnut milk sounds good though. Must try that! {{hugs}}


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